Monday, February 4, 2008


Well, what a weekend. Hope you had a good one! Saturday was very eventful! Krista and I took mom to the DFW airport so she could go to my brothers for 10 days. that was hard, leaving her there at the security check, not knowing if she made it to the right gate, I know I should feel that way about my kids, but it was hard to just let go of my mom too! wow! She recently lost her cell phone adding to my anxiousness. But she called from Kansas City having arrived safely! thank you Jesus!

Next Krista and I set out to find Susanne's house in Plano, we would have gotten there much to early if it hadn't been for the IKEA sign beckoning us to come and shop. I pretended that Krista's need for a piece of office furniture was the main reason for stopping, knowing all too well that I would find fabulous things for stamping! I got this tumbler there for 29 cents! And when you see something so grand, you think, I better get 15, so to be safe, I bought 30! I tried to do the flower thing from the catalog, and I obviously didn't get the flower arranging gene from my mom... but we will blame my lack of photography skills.

I also found wonderful glass jars, that I will have to do no telling what with, and a magnetic board, and picture frames, and you just wouldn't believe what all wonderful things that store had within its walls!

They even had Wild Wasabi napkins! I think IKEA and Stampin' Up! are friends! Hope you all have a great afternoon.

well, for some reason spell check isn't working, so please ignore any misspellings...

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