Friday, February 15, 2008

the art of a thank you

I know you have all been exposed to my need for thank you notes! I just really think that the art of being thankful has suffered. So I am a big thank you note person. Now, I may forget to send a birthday card, but gratitude I have covered! Except, I honestly can't remember if I sent my in laws theirs for JT's birthday or not. I hate that.
This is the thank you notes from Jeremiah' big birthday shindig. I put a picture of each child from some point in the party! I didn't get as much input from JT this time as I did for the invites, guess he is moving on! But I have had several requests for his invite/party planning help, and I am sure for the right price he will be glad to help out! ;)

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Kayla said...

I am loving the thank you notes....that stamp set is AWESOME!!!! hehehehe