Monday, December 31, 2007

chipboard and buttons O my!

I am getting very excited about the rub on class! I have gotten several items together for us to embellish! I also have a few more in mind to get!
I hope to be able to blog from New Mexico, I am taking pictures with me of the other rub ons!

Here is a piece of craft inked chipboard, a clear button, and a button. We will be turning those items into 6 X 6 scrap page, and cards. I have also bought some fun frames (Laci said, "oh, I love the shape", just a little teaser), some glass candle holders, and some (get this) combs! I have more to come, but you certainly won't want to miss out on this fun class. you will get a set of rub ons, and each of the projects to take home made! All for $20!!!! Brenda H came and got her catalogs and asked about the rub ons, and I got so excited telling her, I think I scared her! It will be a fun time! watch for more!!! This my last post of the year! Have fun tonight!

Friday, December 28, 2007

coming soon!

Here are a few of the upcoming projects we will be working on.
The first is a sample of rub ons on a glass votive. cool, huh?
Then we have some Valentine ideas, mainly bc Kayla prefers projects to cards, and I have a workshop for her, so we will be making one of two of the valentine treats.
And last but not least, for Jessica's show, we will be making the photo boxes.
let me know if you have any questions, or have an idea!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

January Special

As if the new catalog wasn't enough, Shelli has two amazing offers!
first, if you purchase the happy heart day set, real red 5/8 grosgrain ribbon, and medium cello bags, you will receive a free roll of regal rose 5/8 ribbon FREE!!!!
second, if you hostess a workshop that totals $350 you can have any set shown in the preview brochure FREE!
Great deals!
You can purchase a catalog for $7 unbound, or $12 bound! email me for details!
The new catty will go online January 2nd!

Monday, December 24, 2007


Well, 3 pm on Christmas Eve, my cooking is finished, my gifts are wrapped, my house is clean (thanks to a trip from my mom!!!)
I just need a shower and I will be ready!
Just a thought and a wish to all of you whom I love dearly, and appreciate more than you'll ever know....
There was no room in the inn for Mary and Joseph, Bethlehem was too busy and crowded for the most amazing moment in history... let us all take time to make room for Jesus! And thank Him for leaving Glory, to live among us, and make a way for us.

Friday, December 21, 2007

taking a big risk

Well, God is good.
I have been pretty darned stressed about leaving town before or right after my catalogs come in. I have also been wanting to practice on my cutting/binding skills before taking on the SU! catty.
Good news, Carolyn let me practice on her Arbonne catalogs, I ruined about 6, then got things figured out. Now I am a pro ;) (and a big thanks to Kayla's hubby for taking the kink out of the cutter)
And Brown just dropped off my 7 cases of catalogs.
That is right ladies, your books are here!
I have only bound three so far, have about 30 more to go.
I do have lots of other things I have to wrap up first, I know you understand. Otherwise I would just do it all right now.
However, if you'd like to come by, you can visit with me while I bind it for you. It is pretty quick. In fact I could have it bound before you write out your check! ;)
Donna and Ann have paid for their catalogs, but I didn't take $ from anyone else.
I have about 32 spoken for at the presale price ($5 or $10 for bound).
If you didn't reserve a copy, but would like to get one, let me know ($7 or $12 bound).
I would be thrilled for you to have one! :)
See you soon!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Jonathan, my sweet giving child wants to give every child in class a Christmas gift.
This is what I came up with! Now I have to make 20 of them, and fast, not to mention the 13 for Jeremiah's class! fun times. I used Velcro to hold the pieces.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I can't believe it!

Well, the new catty is EARLY!
I have it in my grubby hands!
I honestly thought that the last catalog was the best ever, but this one is even better!
I suggest we all get second jobs! This book has some stuff we just won't be able to live without!
So much to get, so little time!
I would tell you more, but I have to make my wish list! ;)


Well, everyone knows how I LOVE my punches! I was checking out the dozen or so blogs I like to watch, and saw this handy little tip and wanted to share it immediately!
You punch the scallop and then tape it to a scrap (card stock is too heavy, punches aren't meant for multiple sheets, so use something light weight) and align it to half each curve, and punch again, and Viola! a "star burst". pretty cool, huh? people amaze me, I can hardly keep up, much less come up with something new! I am glad we share ideas. the last picture was taken from the stamping fun blog.
Later today I hope to make something else I found, I think the same blog!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

T minus 7 and counting....

Raise your hand if you are totally ready for Christmas!
That is what I thought.
We are almost ready, meaning I have almost everything done, translated means, one more week isn't near enough time! ;)
But seriously, it is coming, ready or not!
I had grand plans of blogging really cool pictures of fabulous creations.... then reality hit me like a ton of bricks!
I am sharing my saga, because I know that most if not all of you will be able to totally relate!
I had teacher appreciation yesterday, I was excited about it being breakfast, so that I would still have a lot of day left. Ha ha ha!
We finished up and I was home by 11:30, not too bad. I had to beg (not really) Kayla to sell me 12 more tins, yes, I am still being asked to make tins. Then I had to play catch up with my email, still optimistic I head out to the stamp room to be fabulous! Well, lets say not a lot happened with the hour I had left.
I pick my sweet little Jeremiah up, and of course he didn't bother to eat lunch bc at school, there is simply no time. We run and get him a snack and I head to the bank, where I deposit three post dated checks I promised not to deposit and had ever so carefully separated from the pack. The new guy at the window isn't used to me and my drama yet, so it was funny getting those checks back from him, but you know I did. And he has learned a valuable lesson in dealing with me, it never will be as easy as it seems! ;)
So for some unknown reason, I have the urge, no the uncontrollable drive to wash my van. Never mind Jonathan gets out in 15 minutes and I am no where near the school. I must wash my van. That was fairly uneventful, and not totally successful, but at least if you walk by it now, dirt won't attack you.
I pick up Jonathan and the Eaker girls and we head home. I have a few emails to write and numbers to look up, still knowing full well that I will get to make something pretty and post it.
I hear a strange noise from outside, but basically ignore it, then i hear Jonathan talking to someone and he sounded panicked, that got my attention, but I was going to check in a second, then I hear, "Jeremiah is hurt bad, and is bleeding really bad", I see three kids who are white as ghosts and suddenly that odd sound becomes recognizable as Jeremiah panic. From the front door of my house, I can see him atop the neighbors club house, blood pouring from his face. the first thing I do, "stop screaming, mommy is coming!" me running, well that will be the comic relief.
I get to him, and honestly have never ever seen so much blood on a club house, and it isn't pretty. two tomato soup cans... clumpy and gross. I still can't tell what happened to him, or if it is his nose or mouth. But he is frozen in fear. Finally I get him, and I notice a steel baseball bat on the ground. As I am carrying him to my house, not too upset, but confused, I say to Jonathan who is trying to call his dad from my cell phone, "what did you do, hit him with a bat?" to which Jonathan replied, "I didn't mean to, I am so sorry!" Well, that was it for me. Seriously folks, I lost it. I couldn't think clearly at all.
Luckily my good friend Carolyn was next door at her mom's house. She came and assisted as I was brain dead. She got ice for him to hold on his nose, and this should have told me he was ok, he just help up his hands and wanted the blood off. JP showed up to get his girls, and said it looked broken, mainly bc his eyes were purple and his nose swollen. So I start to plan to go to the doctor. I didn't think about his eyes always being purple, my allergy boy.
Scott comes and we scoop him off to the doctor. They come to the waiting room to assess him, and decide we aren't urgent. We aren't still bleeding, the swelling has gone down, and he is acting ok. This is when we start to figure out what really happened. There was a hole is the bottom floor of the tree house, Jonathan was under it and sticking his bat up through the hole. Jeremiah for some reason thought he would look into the hole about the same time. And there you have it, BAM! right in the nose. Well, suddenly we realize, we didn't need to be at the doctor's office. But we were grateful that everyone was ok. Still covered in blood though. We went ahead and saw Dr. Turnage. She said all was ok, but the big bite he took out of the inside of his mouth, the best thing to do is mix benedryl and Maalox and swish it around and spit. That soothes and numbs it as it heals. So that is my $25 tip... I plan to share with everyone.
So, maybe today I will post a picture of something fun and wonderful, however that will be after I get the blood out of clothes, shoes, coat, and a club house across the street! which reminds me, do you know that peroxide takes blood out of fabric and carpet? it does!!!
We are blessed, and this life as crazy as it is, I wouldn't miss a minute of it!
I wish you and yours a blessed Christmas! take time to thank Jesus for coming to give us abundant life, and when it is at it's craziest, He will take care of you, with friends and neighbors and surround you with people who love you and take care of you! Thanks to all who lifted us up in a faux-crisis, that was just practice for next time! ;)

I almost forgot the funniest part. I asked Jeremiah why he was screaming so, bc he stopped when I told him to. He said that it didn't really hurt that bad and he thought that he was ok, but that when he put his hand up to feel it and then saw all that blood, it kinda freaked him out! poor kid. His friend Dylan stayed by his side the whole time, never leaving him to freak alone. It is nice to see the good that rises from crisis, people really do rise to the occassion. I would have never thought to stay, but I am glad someone did!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

tile magnets

I made these little guys for gifts for the deacons/staff party tonight at church!
fun times!

Friday, December 14, 2007


I made these little cuties for a first birthday party for a friend.
think his dad likes sports? What boy doesn't like a ball?
I am pretty happy how the circle punches were perfect for the balls!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

going with your gut

I wanted to do something fun for our stamp club scramble, and found a cute bookmark calendar. Couldn't get it bc it was from a site you had to pay to join.
Last night I chose to bite the bullet, in hopes that other downloads would justify the cost. didn't see anything else I wanted. So here are our $10 bookmarks!
We will make a ton of them! And we will LOVE them! ;)
I will try brighter colors and things to dress it up later, just wanted to get it on here for all to see!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

more tags

I finally made the rest of the tags, you will have plenty options to choose from and will probably not be able to limit yourself to just 15! but at the great price of 15 for $1, you don't have to!
you can click on any photo to enlarge, in case you'd like a closer look.

Monday, December 10, 2007

copy and paste....

Item #
Product Description
Accents & Elements Borders & Blossoms
Accents & Elements Little Reminders 2
Accents & Elements Tagged
Album Leather Post Black 8-1/2x11
Album Linen Post Mellow Moss 8-1/2x11
Album Linen Post Natural 8-1/2x11
Album Linen Post Navy 8-1/2x11
Album Linen Post Real Red 8-1/2x11
Album Linen Ring Mellow Moss 8-1/2x11
Album Linen Ring Natural 8-1/2x11
Album Linen Ring Navy 8-1/2x11
Album Linen Ring Real Red 8-1/2x11
Boxes & Tags Pockets & Pieces Assortment I
Boxes & Tags Pockets & Pieces Assortment II
Boxes & Tags Tiny Takeout Confetti White
Boxes & Tags Tiny Takeout Kraft
Boxes Stamp & Supply Extra Large
Boxes Stamp & Supply Extra Large Divided
Boxes Stamp & Supply Extra Small
Boxes Stamp & Supply Jumbo
Boxes Stamp & Supply Large
Boxes Stamp & Supply Medium
Boxes Stamp & Supply Small
Brayer Attachment Foam
Cards & Envelopes Greeting Very Vanilla Medium
Designer Series Paper Brocade Background
Designer Series Paper Cerise
Designer Series Paper Charbon
Designer Series Paper Creepy Crawley
Designer Series Paper Darling Doodles
Designer Series Paper Dashing
Designer Series Paper Petals & Paisleys
Designer Series Paper Linen Prints
Designer Series Paper Notations No. 2
Designer Series Paper Outlaw
Designer Series Paper Uptown
Designer Series Paper Wintergreen
Envelopes Open End Very Vanilla Large
Envelopes Open End Whisper White Large
Envelopes Shimmery White Medium
Envelopes Square Vellum Large
Envelopes Square Very Vanilla Mini
Envelopes Vellum Medium
Envelopes Very Vanilla Large
Envelopes Whisper White Large
Eyelet Tool Kit
Eyelets Bold Brights II
Eyelets Silver
Eyelets Soft Subtles II
Fancy Fibers Bella
Fancy Fibers Elizabeth
Stampin' Glitter Romantic Red
Stampin' Glitter Silver Shine
Greeting Glue
Liquid Glue
Page Protectors Post 8-1/2x11
Page Protectors Ring 8-1/2x11
Paper Vellum 12x12
Pastel Refills Bold Brights
Pastel Refills Earth Elements
Pastel Refills Neutrals
Pastel Refills Rich Regals
Pastel Refills Soft Subtles
Perfect Layers Tool
Post Extenders
Punch Spring Bouquet Flower
Simply Scrappin' Creative License Hostess Level 1
Simply Scrappin' Happy Me Hostess Level 3
Simply Scrappin' Out & About
Simply Scrappin' Primary Colors
Simply Scrappin' Round Up
Simply Scrappin' Secret Garden
Simply Scrappin' Winter Bright
Simply Sent Friendship Shapes
Simply Sent Happy Day
Spectrum Pad Blue Frost
Spectrum Pad Celebration
Spectrum Pad Cotton Candy
Spectrum Pad Pumpkin Patch
Spectrum Pad Un-inked
Stamp-a-ma-jig Imaging Sheets Refill
Stampin' Around Cartridge & Ink Refill Clear Embossing
Stampin' Around Cartridge & Ink Refill Whisper White
Stampin' Around Ink Refill Clear Embossing
Stampin' Around Ink Refill Whisper White
Stampin' Emboss Powder Hologram Highlights
Stampin' Kids Pad Bear Brown
Stampin' Kids Pad Beetle Black
Stampin' Kids Pad Boxcar Blue
Stampin' Kids Pad Gumball Green
Stampin' Kids Pad Poppin' Purple
Stampin' Kids Pad Princess Pink
Stampin' Kids Pad Robin Red
Stampin' Kids Pad Yahoo Yellow
Stampin' Pastel Applicators
Stampin' Pastel Erasers
Stampin' Write Marker Going Gray
StazOn Ink Refill Timber Brown
StazOn Pad Timber Brown
Tag Sheets Bold Brights
Tag Sheets Confetti White & Kraft
Tag Sheets Earth Elements
Tag Sheets Kraft
Tag Sheets Rich Regals
Tag Sheets Soft Subtles
Watercolor Brush Flat
Watercolor Brush Medium
Watercolor Brush Small
Wire Works Metallic
Wrapping Paper Whisper White
Stampin' Around wheels
All about Birthdays*
All about Christmas*
All about Gratitude*
Autumn Dots
Butterflies & Blossoms
Happy Jacks
Ho Ho Ho
Hot to Dot
Leaf Prints
Leaves Awash*
Rough around the Edges*
Snowman Fun
Spooky Skyline*
True Hearts
Wings & Things

Retired Accessory List

I waited up late to try and get it, I got up early to try and get it, when I did finally get it, I can't figure out how to put it on here! I really don't want to type it all out.
however, we are in dire straights here, this is a while supplies last situation! So we have to act fast. I will get it up as best as I can as soon as I can!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Big news day!

These are the other card options for the Thank You cards and Gift Tags Class on Tuesday night.
you can make 8 of any design for $4, and 15 gift tags for $1. I will post more gift tags Monday.

Please be sure to check back here Monday, the retired accessories list will be up then.
We don't have a lot of time when it comes to accessories, when they are gone, they are gone! So let me know ASAP if you see something you need, I will try to get an order in as quick after the list as possible.
I will be at Mom's this weekend! You can call my cell if you need me or have questions.
I will have more tags up Monday for the class, be sure to sign up!
Have a great weekend.
For a moving moment, check this out!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

we pause this program for an annoucement....

I guess a commercial really.
Come and support Scott and his youth, if you can! thanks!

just another thank you

Here is another option for the thank you card class.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

thank yous

Many of you have heard my stories of writing thank you notes. Basically, it goes like this, whenever I got a present as a child, I wasn't allowed to use it, play with it, or even put it away, until the thank you note was written.
This is a discipline that I appreciate my mom giving to me, however, I am much more laxed now. maybe I need to put it back into practice.
In efforts to rebirth the thank you epidemic, I am having a thank you note and gift tag class.
You saw some of the tags below. Here is the first card in the thank you series. I should have saved the best for last, but I didn't. sorry.
This is somewhat different than the stamp a stack, yet the same. I will have several options, and you can make 8 of an option for $4. (or two sets for $8, etc.) The gift tags are 15 for $1.
I will post the other thank yous soon. Please let me know if you can make it, and which card sets you plan to make, so I can be sure to have enough supplies ready to go.

funny things we do

Well, here is the first sampling of tags for the tag and thank you class.
I have two other tag sets that we will be working with as well (however, they won't be here until Friday)
I hope to have the thank you options up soon.
Don't forget to RSVP!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Can you believe it is already time for the retired list? That was fast!

You can click on the scan of the list to enlarge it.

I will be placing my last order for this catalog on the 29th. Let me know if there is anything you'd like to have. We will get our retired accessory list on the 10th, please remember that retired accessories sell out fast!

Of the retired sets, I have the following that I will be selling off when we get to that point.

Bitty Boos Too
Double Line Doodles
Background Sampler
Letter Patterns
Aida Cloth
Business Boosters
Stamped from the heart
In the Spotlight (hostess)
possibly the typeset alpha lower, upper, and numbers.

Friday, November 30, 2007

try and try again

Well, I chose to try again. I like this one much better!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

lookie what I have and what it can do!

This is a heavy duty stack cutter!
It can cut little paper pads! It can cut four paper pads at once! With pretty cuts!

It can even cut the spine off a catalog! how cool is that?
I need to get a binding machine now, and I can bind my own books!
I would be happy to cut your pads and hopefully bind catalogs for you in the future. I think I am going to do it like a toll road, charge until it is paid for, then we can have at it! Let me know if you need to cut something huge! (it says 350 sheets)

snow pages

Well, it is done. I am not loving it like I wanted but it is ok.
The left side will be done like the right. I want to try a new technique, and well, I just don't dig it for this. I do love the vellum with white, and the penguins. I am sure that the creative ladies of the club will make fabulous pages! Thanks to Laci for the background snowflake!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

funny story, remodel, and more!

Last week's stamp a stack made me a bit overwhelmed. So, yesterday I moved my stuff around. to make it more open. Jeremiah was under foot most of the day because he felt bad. He loves to vacuum and even has his own, so he was obsessed with getting every spot. after about an hour of me moving tables and him following close with the vacuum, he declares, "I can't believe you have me working so hard when I am sick!" That kid!
Well, we love the new arrangement, it is ideal. Dana and I tweaked it last night, this is the final placement.
I have updated my December calendar, take a peek, make notes, RSVP early. I will send the newsletter out the 1st. gotta wait for the retired list! Have a GREAT day!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well, I have a sweet sick child today. If I get anything accomplished, I will post it.

Monday, November 26, 2007

technique tip

Many of you know Susan and Terri, well we are all often inspired by those two.
This technique came from eavesdropping on the two of them making a card at my house one night! ;)
Stamp your image in any color, and with a q-tip dipped in a different color, pull off part of the ink. For the elephant, I inked her in basic grey, and then took pomegranate on a q-tip and wiped the grey off the ear. For the lion, I inked him in More Mustard, and then dipped my q-tip in chocolate chip and took off the ink on the mane. Super easy, and gives depth! Thanks girls!
Laci, I know what you are thinking, and no, I can't get enough of this set! Love the animals.
Well, I have a child's birthday party at the park to attend! send me warm thoughts!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well, I will assume that the holidays have slowed you down.
It isn't often that I send out a SU! sale and get NO response! So, I will extend my order date until mid monday. Please let me know if you would like to order anything from the sale, or otherwise before then. Thanks! Don't forget the paper party special! (buy 3 get one free!)
Have a great Sunday. I will try to have something new up monday.

Friday, November 23, 2007

SU Wrapping up the Holidays Sale!

I think if you click on the picture, it will enlarge...try that!
Let me know if you want anything, I will plan to place an order tomorrow.
Hope you all had a great Turkey Day!
Let me know if you have any questions!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Well enjoy your day, whatever you do with it!
Enjoy those you get to be with. Be thankful in all things. All good and perfect gifts come from above! Be sure to give thanks where it is due.
Corrie Ten Boom was thankful for Fleas!
Wishing you and yours a very happy day of giving thanks! ~Kris

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

you are not going to believe this!

On Friday SU! will be offering an unbelievable sale! It will start Friday and go through December 15th! Check back Friday for more details!
What I know now is this.....
Holiday Tag Bundle (item 112409) A new item just for this promotion!This bundle includes several pre-cut pieces from the Holiday Glitz kit and makes 15 quick and easy toppers for gift giving.
Empty Accents and Elements Tin-3 Pack (item 112410) A new item chosen just for this promotion!
Tags for All Stamp Set* (item 110380) 20% off!
Hand Selected Accents & Elements (item 110228) 25% off!
Designer Gift Cards* (item 110264) 30% off!
Purely Pomegranate (item109863) and Chocolate Chip (item 109862) Satin Ribbon* Buy 1, get 1 free!
I will be placing an order Saturday.... so if you think you might want some of this GREAT stuff, let me know, I hope to have prices on Friday! WOO HOO!

forgive my dark photo.... aren't these the cutest things ev-ah!?!?!

peppermint patty, and punches! sometimes it is just too easy! ;)

how cute would a bowl of these be? what a great gift for secret santa, a sectretary's desk, the doctor's office? all those places you need to get a little something for.... THIS IS IT!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

good news

I got another tape dispenser! WOO HOO! and I went ahead a got a few disposables!
This will be mostly appreciated by the dear and sweet ladies who came to my home last night!
~gotta love it!

Getting Ready!

Thank you to all who attended the Stamp a Stack. We had fun, and now know the max capacity of my stamp room ;)!
I would appreciate feedback for future SAS.
Should I offer them more often? Or offer the same SAS on two nights? I hate to limit attendance. Let me know what you think.
Moving on......
Gift Galore class is coming soon! I have one more idea that I don't have supplies for, that you will flip over!
I am going to be rounding up more items if needed, but I need to know what you plan to make.
I have Nancy, Kris, Sharla, Patricia, and Dana officially signed up for the class. I assume others are thinking about it, but need to get through thanksgiving first. Please know that some items have to be ordered and hunted, and I want to accommodate. So as soon as you have time, let me know the amount and item you'd be interested in making so I can make sure to have ample supply for you if possible.
Thanks and have a blessed day. My husband's family are here, and I am ready to relax and enjoy some family time this week. I have much to be thankful for, I am blessed! Enjoy your week! I like to tell brides that their wedding day will be the best day of their lives, even if everything goes wrong! So, I would like to offer, we can make this holiday a best day, even if it all goes wrong, when something happens that we don't anticipate or even want to happen, relax, laugh, make the best of it! easier said I know.... just a thought.
Gobble Gobble

Sunday, November 18, 2007

merry Christmas!

Last year Shelli (the SU! head lady) sent each demo a stamp set from the upcoming catalog.
That was such a nice and generous gift. This year, she sent us a stamp set from the January catalog! I think I love it. I can't wait to use it. I cut the rubber out, just need to finish mounting it. It looks spring to me!

I will be out of pocket most of the day. However, if you signed up for STAMP A STACK, I will see you tonight!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

card kits

Here are the final cards from the card kits.
I think with ribbon, embelishments, and punches, you can really dress them up! However, I only used kit supplies and a few stamp sets! I made 60 cards in less than two hours!
Thanks again to Lindsey for the template!

great deal!

I got the orders in for the card kits last night. I will start cutting them soon. and getting them to you. I recieved an extra package of the primary colors scrappin' kit. I thought I would take the time to tell you about this great deal. For $19.95 (plus ship and tax) you will get.... 2 each of 4 colors of textured 12 X 12 paper, 3 each of two designs of double sided 12 X 12 papers, and 2 each of 3 designs of self adhesive borders and tags and all kinds of cool goodness!
So many possibilities!
I called them and I will need to send this pack back, unless someone wants to buy it, then I just have to send them money!
So, if anyone would like this scrap kit, primary colors, you can have it for $20! ($3.76 savings!)
Just email me!
thanks! I will hang onto it until end of next week.
have a blessed day!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Got Chip Board?

I just added craft ink to the chip board pieces! pretty cute and light ornaments!