Wednesday, December 5, 2007

thank yous

Many of you have heard my stories of writing thank you notes. Basically, it goes like this, whenever I got a present as a child, I wasn't allowed to use it, play with it, or even put it away, until the thank you note was written.
This is a discipline that I appreciate my mom giving to me, however, I am much more laxed now. maybe I need to put it back into practice.
In efforts to rebirth the thank you epidemic, I am having a thank you note and gift tag class.
You saw some of the tags below. Here is the first card in the thank you series. I should have saved the best for last, but I didn't. sorry.
This is somewhat different than the stamp a stack, yet the same. I will have several options, and you can make 8 of an option for $4. (or two sets for $8, etc.) The gift tags are 15 for $1.
I will post the other thank yous soon. Please let me know if you can make it, and which card sets you plan to make, so I can be sure to have enough supplies ready to go.

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