Tuesday, December 18, 2007

T minus 7 and counting....

Raise your hand if you are totally ready for Christmas!
That is what I thought.
We are almost ready, meaning I have almost everything done, translated means, one more week isn't near enough time! ;)
But seriously, it is coming, ready or not!
I had grand plans of blogging really cool pictures of fabulous creations.... then reality hit me like a ton of bricks!
I am sharing my saga, because I know that most if not all of you will be able to totally relate!
I had teacher appreciation yesterday, I was excited about it being breakfast, so that I would still have a lot of day left. Ha ha ha!
We finished up and I was home by 11:30, not too bad. I had to beg (not really) Kayla to sell me 12 more tins, yes, I am still being asked to make tins. Then I had to play catch up with my email, still optimistic I head out to the stamp room to be fabulous! Well, lets say not a lot happened with the hour I had left.
I pick my sweet little Jeremiah up, and of course he didn't bother to eat lunch bc at school, there is simply no time. We run and get him a snack and I head to the bank, where I deposit three post dated checks I promised not to deposit and had ever so carefully separated from the pack. The new guy at the window isn't used to me and my drama yet, so it was funny getting those checks back from him, but you know I did. And he has learned a valuable lesson in dealing with me, it never will be as easy as it seems! ;)
So for some unknown reason, I have the urge, no the uncontrollable drive to wash my van. Never mind Jonathan gets out in 15 minutes and I am no where near the school. I must wash my van. That was fairly uneventful, and not totally successful, but at least if you walk by it now, dirt won't attack you.
I pick up Jonathan and the Eaker girls and we head home. I have a few emails to write and numbers to look up, still knowing full well that I will get to make something pretty and post it.
I hear a strange noise from outside, but basically ignore it, then i hear Jonathan talking to someone and he sounded panicked, that got my attention, but I was going to check in a second, then I hear, "Jeremiah is hurt bad, and is bleeding really bad", I see three kids who are white as ghosts and suddenly that odd sound becomes recognizable as Jeremiah panic. From the front door of my house, I can see him atop the neighbors club house, blood pouring from his face. the first thing I do, "stop screaming, mommy is coming!" me running, well that will be the comic relief.
I get to him, and honestly have never ever seen so much blood on a club house, and it isn't pretty. two tomato soup cans... clumpy and gross. I still can't tell what happened to him, or if it is his nose or mouth. But he is frozen in fear. Finally I get him, and I notice a steel baseball bat on the ground. As I am carrying him to my house, not too upset, but confused, I say to Jonathan who is trying to call his dad from my cell phone, "what did you do, hit him with a bat?" to which Jonathan replied, "I didn't mean to, I am so sorry!" Well, that was it for me. Seriously folks, I lost it. I couldn't think clearly at all.
Luckily my good friend Carolyn was next door at her mom's house. She came and assisted as I was brain dead. She got ice for him to hold on his nose, and this should have told me he was ok, he just help up his hands and wanted the blood off. JP showed up to get his girls, and said it looked broken, mainly bc his eyes were purple and his nose swollen. So I start to plan to go to the doctor. I didn't think about his eyes always being purple, my allergy boy.
Scott comes and we scoop him off to the doctor. They come to the waiting room to assess him, and decide we aren't urgent. We aren't still bleeding, the swelling has gone down, and he is acting ok. This is when we start to figure out what really happened. There was a hole is the bottom floor of the tree house, Jonathan was under it and sticking his bat up through the hole. Jeremiah for some reason thought he would look into the hole about the same time. And there you have it, BAM! right in the nose. Well, suddenly we realize, we didn't need to be at the doctor's office. But we were grateful that everyone was ok. Still covered in blood though. We went ahead and saw Dr. Turnage. She said all was ok, but the big bite he took out of the inside of his mouth, the best thing to do is mix benedryl and Maalox and swish it around and spit. That soothes and numbs it as it heals. So that is my $25 tip... I plan to share with everyone.
So, maybe today I will post a picture of something fun and wonderful, however that will be after I get the blood out of clothes, shoes, coat, and a club house across the street! which reminds me, do you know that peroxide takes blood out of fabric and carpet? it does!!!
We are blessed, and this life as crazy as it is, I wouldn't miss a minute of it!
I wish you and yours a blessed Christmas! take time to thank Jesus for coming to give us abundant life, and when it is at it's craziest, He will take care of you, with friends and neighbors and surround you with people who love you and take care of you! Thanks to all who lifted us up in a faux-crisis, that was just practice for next time! ;)

I almost forgot the funniest part. I asked Jeremiah why he was screaming so, bc he stopped when I told him to. He said that it didn't really hurt that bad and he thought that he was ok, but that when he put his hand up to feel it and then saw all that blood, it kinda freaked him out! poor kid. His friend Dylan stayed by his side the whole time, never leaving him to freak alone. It is nice to see the good that rises from crisis, people really do rise to the occassion. I would have never thought to stay, but I am glad someone did!


slothsrcool said...

Great job of telling the story. Sorry you did not accompish what you wanted to yesterday. And, yes, thank God that everyone is okay. Maybe today will be more productive.

O, btw, the bat you saw was aluminum, not steal. Just thought Jeremiah would want things to be accurate ;-) Love you.

Wachsmann Family said...

Yep, that was an amazing story and I liked the comic relief part, made me laugh out loud, but only b/c you said it was comical! :)

Glad I could be of help and that JT does not have a broken nose. He is a sweet one! Glad I was also next door to help you out, I probably would have freaked out and went blank too after hearing it was the baseball bat and not knowing many details but that one.

Love you too!

Hope you get everything finished, if not, let me know how I can help.