Friday, February 29, 2008


It is funny, I always want more time, an extra day, well, here it is! Enjoy your gift this day!
My good friend, Rhonda, is hosting a workshop Friday, March 7th, and I wanted to use some of the new fun stuff out of the new mini catalog, and show off a technique (I anticipate some newer stampers, as well as some pros). So i chose to do the "black board" with white craft and chalks. The scrap club did this at Halloween and loved it. It also uses the new ribbon and ribbon charms from the new hardware set! I am sure Rhonda would love for you to come if you'd like to make this! I am going to work on a card featuring the new star set next.
Well. I hate to ramble too much, but with all my free time, why not. Ladies, last night at my bragbook class, I crashed and burned. It was horrible. I have never ever felt like I goofed so badly. I have a hard time balancing how much to preprepare, it needs to be ready to go, but the person needs to also feel as if they created it. Typically most projects don't have to be done just so either. This project had to be exact and precise, and I didn't prescore or precut.... wow! Luckily a few sticky hearts and a lot of glitter made it all better!
Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Did you know?

That I now do parties! ;)

I have met a fun group of ladies that enjoy making projects, and have hosted and scheduled several events around stamping projects! First we did a birthday party, and we made checkbook covers and the keyring scrap books. We had a great time. Tomorrow is another birthday party, and we are making brag books. Next month I will be doing a baby shower for them, where we will be making thank you notes for the new mom to be. here are the samples. I prefer the bashful blue and white cards personally.

I was discussing this idea with an other lady and she thought it would be great to have her daughter's birthday here and make mini scrap books. so, if you need a new and fresh party idea, I am your new go to girl! And I know a special someone who can handle all the food/decoration needs too!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

calendar books

A friend of mine recently asked me to make her an organizer like mine for her business.
Here is the final product!
which reminds me, click on the picture and you will see her logo larger, and have her contact info...then if you ever need a catering, you will have your girl! Her stuff is pretty, tasty, and different. She doesn't serve the same old same old.... I know Jessica would love to hear from you!
Be watching, I plan to update my stamps for sale slide show, there are several new sets, well, new old sets!

Monday, February 25, 2008

sports page

Well, I have all the sports sets, and I have been meaning to use them for Scrap Club, and Ann B reminded me, so here you go! I have other sports, so no worries if you need baseball, football, golf, or basketball!
I think there is only one or two in club that doesn't have a child in sports, I would suggest scrapping a page of going to a sports event in that case.

Friday, February 22, 2008

I can't remember if I posted these pictures or not.

Dana, sweet Dana, wanted a scrapbook for her birthday, which she will end up giving to her mom, she can't help herself, she is just a giver! But I put some of the old olive rub ons on the spine and front... I still am having a love affair with rub ons!

If you want to get a pack free, there is a set in the sale a bration mini, order $50 in products, and you get a freebie! pretty cool! The S A B pack has white, black, brown, and olive!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

pockets and pieces

This is from the pockets and pieces set of the current catalog.
I love this stuff, lots of cool things in it, many many pieces.
I also used the new beads and glue, and a rub on of course!
This actually makes a pouch.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

silly me

Thought I had posted these pictures, then realized i had not! figures!

These are the last two cards for stamp a stack! the star one has a pull out.

It is my favorite of the bunch, I think because of the colors, they are crisp and clean, and the new ribbon just is wonderful! I still have 3 spots! email me today!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

stamp a stack

Here are three of the five cards we will be making at stamp a stack! 15 cards, $10! RSVP today! I will get the other two up as soon as I can.
These three all use the Sale A Bration sets.

Friday, February 15, 2008

the art of a thank you

I know you have all been exposed to my need for thank you notes! I just really think that the art of being thankful has suffered. So I am a big thank you note person. Now, I may forget to send a birthday card, but gratitude I have covered! Except, I honestly can't remember if I sent my in laws theirs for JT's birthday or not. I hate that.
This is the thank you notes from Jeremiah' big birthday shindig. I put a picture of each child from some point in the party! I didn't get as much input from JT this time as I did for the invites, guess he is moving on! But I have had several requests for his invite/party planning help, and I am sure for the right price he will be glad to help out! ;)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

happy heart day

I wish you all a happy valentines day!
I hope you get the surprise you desire, and the love we all require!
Please know that I love you guys!
I spent an entire day lost in Dallas yesterday, tons of fun! But that makes me a day late and a dollar short today! So, I hope to spend more time tomorrow!
Next time I book my mom a flight, I plan to make sure I don't have her flying into Love field. It isn't much fun to realize that error while at DFW, 15 minutes after her plane landed across town! And it wouldn't have been a big deal, except she doesn't have a cell, so I couldn't let her know not to fret! fun times! All is well today, and that is what matters! Please take time to tell those you love, that you love them! Everyone needs to be loved, and told it, shown it, etc!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

busy busy busy

my downline is amazing, I just can't tell you how fantastic she is, plus she is cute, and as nice as she is pretty! She has been a great source of inspiration to me. As I was looking at her blog, I noticed these wonderful scrap pages! I love them! So, I basically stole them for our scrap club. The baking pages are hers, the blue are mine, the layout and with pictures! We will be using rub ons! See you Sunday.
Nancy had mentioned that she would like to "buy" extra layouts, so her and I have come up with a fair system, it will be first claim first serve basis, and an extra layout will be $4. Since she has four children, she could use multiple layouts. something to think about, and it would also depend on how much you love the layout. Thank you guys for your input! (spell check still isn't working!)

Monday, February 11, 2008

what I have been doing

Well, planning and carring out an Army Party for your fiver year old takes a lot more time and effort than Scott and I considered. Especially if your five year old is Jeremiah! He knew how he wanted every detail. I think he was very pleased with his party and I think the kids had a pretty good time! It went fast! Here they are in the middle of the silly sting war, thank goodness Krista stopped and got 12 extra cans! We needed them! The last picture is thebirthday boy and his tank cake. he looks contented, doesn't he. he told scott last night that there wasn't words to describe how much love he had for his family! How sweet is that?!?!? Plus there is just nothing like a happy heart! Speaking of hearts, this little heart tin will be the other item we will make at Stamp Club tonight. You can thank Dana for them, and I have red hots to fill them! You will get to use the sale a bration rub ons! So fun and cute!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Well, we got the day off to a fun start.

Jeremiah has been wanting donuts, his favorite kind is the "pudding" filled ones (barvarian cream) so I got up early and ran to daylight donuts, which is pretty hoping at 6:45 am. I personally feel like it is sinful to be up that early, but when it is your baby's 5th birthday you go a little nuts! Anyway, I love Daylights, they are the most generous and kind people, and their apple fritters are huge and yummy! go get one!

then we all ate donuts and opened presents, fun times! Jeremiah is a hoot!

I have to go and have snack at his school in a minute, that is where the tanks come in! Then we will run to chuck e cheese to play a bit and get a new helment at Toys R Us, man it is great to be a kid in 2008!

Here is the finished valentine for my mom, and the nerds for Jeremiah to give his class, as well as a picture of the birthday party at 7 am!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

the definition of "almost"

By my comment of almost having a valentine ready to share, what I should have said is that I have the stuff bought, and on the porch and he idea is in my head. so, after an eventful afternoon with three wonderful boys, do I really need to say that I didn't get to it?!?!

I did get red hots poured into one of the other ikea glass bottles, and a ribbon tied on it, oh and a rub on on it. I just didn't get the tag made, nor did I get the nerds transformed into their valentine splendor... there is always tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, I must go and wrap gifts, tomorrow is Jeremiah's 5th birthday. that little guy, wow! He just doesn't think like I do at all! Today at Hillcrest, when we went for his weekly allergy shot, he noticed a man on the stairs with fire behind him, and asked me about it. I explained that it was a sign not to use the elevator when there is a fire, that you should use the stairs. (I so should have seen this coming, but didn't) then he asked me where the stairs were, and I told him I didn't really know, so he refused to get onto the elevator until we knew where the stairs were, just in case! So after a little field trip to locate the stair well, we got on the elevator! Which reminds me, little boys LOVE to push buttons, all kinds of buttons, they really aren't that picky, so the next time you ride an elevator, please let the little guy push your button, it will make his day!

This is a bag that Lindsey made for me, and we will be making it for Stamp Club Monday night, we will also make something else too, I just can't remember right now what I planned, hope someone can remind me!


Here are my pitiful military tanks! Owell, they will taste good! Jeremiah is very pleased, and that is really all that matters!

I almost have a valentine idea to share ready, but it will have to wait a little longer, time to get big boys from school!

Monday, February 4, 2008


Well, what a weekend. Hope you had a good one! Saturday was very eventful! Krista and I took mom to the DFW airport so she could go to my brothers for 10 days. that was hard, leaving her there at the security check, not knowing if she made it to the right gate, I know I should feel that way about my kids, but it was hard to just let go of my mom too! wow! She recently lost her cell phone adding to my anxiousness. But she called from Kansas City having arrived safely! thank you Jesus!

Next Krista and I set out to find Susanne's house in Plano, we would have gotten there much to early if it hadn't been for the IKEA sign beckoning us to come and shop. I pretended that Krista's need for a piece of office furniture was the main reason for stopping, knowing all too well that I would find fabulous things for stamping! I got this tumbler there for 29 cents! And when you see something so grand, you think, I better get 15, so to be safe, I bought 30! I tried to do the flower thing from the catalog, and I obviously didn't get the flower arranging gene from my mom... but we will blame my lack of photography skills.

I also found wonderful glass jars, that I will have to do no telling what with, and a magnetic board, and picture frames, and you just wouldn't believe what all wonderful things that store had within its walls!

They even had Wild Wasabi napkins! I think IKEA and Stampin' Up! are friends! Hope you all have a great afternoon.

well, for some reason spell check isn't working, so please ignore any misspellings...