Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Did you know?

That I now do parties! ;)

I have met a fun group of ladies that enjoy making projects, and have hosted and scheduled several events around stamping projects! First we did a birthday party, and we made checkbook covers and the keyring scrap books. We had a great time. Tomorrow is another birthday party, and we are making brag books. Next month I will be doing a baby shower for them, where we will be making thank you notes for the new mom to be. here are the samples. I prefer the bashful blue and white cards personally.

I was discussing this idea with an other lady and she thought it would be great to have her daughter's birthday here and make mini scrap books. so, if you need a new and fresh party idea, I am your new go to girl! And I know a special someone who can handle all the food/decoration needs too!

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