Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Well, we got the day off to a fun start.

Jeremiah has been wanting donuts, his favorite kind is the "pudding" filled ones (barvarian cream) so I got up early and ran to daylight donuts, which is pretty hoping at 6:45 am. I personally feel like it is sinful to be up that early, but when it is your baby's 5th birthday you go a little nuts! Anyway, I love Daylights, they are the most generous and kind people, and their apple fritters are huge and yummy! go get one!

then we all ate donuts and opened presents, fun times! Jeremiah is a hoot!

I have to go and have snack at his school in a minute, that is where the tanks come in! Then we will run to chuck e cheese to play a bit and get a new helment at Toys R Us, man it is great to be a kid in 2008!

Here is the finished valentine for my mom, and the nerds for Jeremiah to give his class, as well as a picture of the birthday party at 7 am!

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