Tuesday, February 5, 2008

the definition of "almost"

By my comment of almost having a valentine ready to share, what I should have said is that I have the stuff bought, and on the porch and he idea is in my head. so, after an eventful afternoon with three wonderful boys, do I really need to say that I didn't get to it?!?!

I did get red hots poured into one of the other ikea glass bottles, and a ribbon tied on it, oh and a rub on on it. I just didn't get the tag made, nor did I get the nerds transformed into their valentine splendor... there is always tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, I must go and wrap gifts, tomorrow is Jeremiah's 5th birthday. that little guy, wow! He just doesn't think like I do at all! Today at Hillcrest, when we went for his weekly allergy shot, he noticed a man on the stairs with fire behind him, and asked me about it. I explained that it was a sign not to use the elevator when there is a fire, that you should use the stairs. (I so should have seen this coming, but didn't) then he asked me where the stairs were, and I told him I didn't really know, so he refused to get onto the elevator until we knew where the stairs were, just in case! So after a little field trip to locate the stair well, we got on the elevator! Which reminds me, little boys LOVE to push buttons, all kinds of buttons, they really aren't that picky, so the next time you ride an elevator, please let the little guy push your button, it will make his day!

This is a bag that Lindsey made for me, and we will be making it for Stamp Club Monday night, we will also make something else too, I just can't remember right now what I planned, hope someone can remind me!

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