Thursday, July 31, 2008

real quick

This is super quick....
from our new colors/papers/accessories.....
Kiwi Kiss paper, Bella Rose designer paper, and in color buttons.
Super simple, super fast. Just a quick peek at what is to come.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

home decore elements

I was going to put my new decor items on a mirror, and then I saw this great platter at Ikea, I had a mirror in hand. I do love it. I don't like that every finger print leaves a smudge. I didn't get it centered like I wanted, I guess the heat, it gripped the platter before I was ready. I used the other "r" for my ribbon jar, r for ribbon... cute, huh? Sorry about the glare. The last jar I got at Ikea the day my mom went to the wrong airport! SU! sent me this cute little flower with my last magazine. So, it is on my jar now. My jar needs a ribbon. These are really heavy duty vinyl and are really nice! I will have to see what else I can do with them. The smooth surface is my only problem. I don't have tons of those. ;)

Monday, July 28, 2008

the more you get, the more you want

I am sure that none of you have ever had that problem.
You want something so bad, then you finally get it, and then you realize, you need MORE!
I got these towel racks at Ikea Saturday after the PTA conference. I got two, and should have gotten four! But this is a great start. Pretty cool, huh?

Friday, July 25, 2008

MORE punch flowers

So, I am having a ton of fun with these punch flower creations! Here is another one... can you guess what punches I used?
Trust me, you will NOT want to miss this class, it is going to be so much fun!

Headed out to a PTA seminar, I am so excited about it too. Will be back Sunday! Hope you all have a great weekend and that "Mrs. Mittens" finds a good home.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

more punch flowers

This is something Linda F started a while back, but I want to include it in the tech class for punches.
pretty neat!

Someone in my neighborhood got a new kitten. However, this kitten has taken up residence here. Jeremiah has really loved having it. I am about tired of it. It is really cute and all. But I have had enough. If this is your kitten, or you know whose it is, PLEASE come and get it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

punch crazy

Don't forget that Thursday the 24th, I will be having the acetate box class. This is a cute box you will love to make. Come and make a few! I have everything cut and ready, we will use designer papers too!

Thursday August 7th is my next tech class.
These have been so fun. I am really excited about our next one too!
I love our punches, anyone who knows me knows how very much.
I love to make other things out of the punches too, like animals. Linda and Dana have made some really cool flowers with their punches. We will make many different flowers and items that night! So come ready to be creative and make fun fun stuff.
I first had this thought after visiting Stacey's blog one day (Rebel Inker), she is one of my downline and has fabulous ideas. All of those girls are so great, they blow me away. So I have taken her ideas and a few others and put together a class for us.
This is just a sample of some of the punched items we will make. More to come!

Monday, July 21, 2008

retired accessories

I know this is a bad copy, sorry, click to enlarge.
Also, here is the basic run down....
at the front, the simply sent kits, Friendly Notes, Simple Delights, and Three Thoughts
at the back, EVERYTHING IN COLOR, brushed copper CS, Mulberry paper, Medium Confetti Cream envelopes, Gift card envelopes, greeting card envelopes, long notes, love notes, pocket notes, scallop notes, ALL Designer Papers, ALL Simply Scrappin Kits, ALL Accents and Elements sets, Chipboard: blossoms & basics, ginormous pieces, accents, simon lower, hand held rectangle punch, three for you punch box, Rub Ons: cherished memories, eastern elegance, urban west, zig painter, metallic art pencils, pure color pencils, acrylic graph & grid, stipple brushes, ALL hodgepodge hardware, ALL eyelets(except metallic), ALL ribbon originals, kid's markers, Wheels: daisy field, garden annuals, good dog, kisses, lily pad, meow, mistletoe, basic outline, birthday, dilly-dally baby, dilly dally friends, dilly dally party, leaves al a carte, nature hike, petals, rough texture, spunky spots.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Retried Accessories

OK, so I am really bad with dates... the list comes out at 8am tomorrow... the 21st. Funny, I thought today was the 21st! But it isn't.
Good news is I have a sale to share with you! Many people ask why retired items aren't sold at a discount, and mainly it is bc being retired drives up their value (see ebay) however, I assume there is a surplus of these items and therefore they are offering them at a 25% discount! YAY!
However, while retired stamp sets are available until August 9th, the accessories are on a first come basis. I will post the list as soon as I get my hands on it! ;)
Here is the sale.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Weekend

Well, we have survived another week with Scott away, but just barely. ;) WE are SO very happy Scott will be coming home soon.
Upcoming events:
Saturday: 3 - 11 CROP TIL YOU DROP cost $7
Sunday: 6 - 9 Scrap Club
Monday: 7 - 9 Stamp Club
Tuesday: 6 - 8 Krafty Kids Kamp ~ keepsake tins $10
Thursday: 7 - 9 Acetate Box $3 each
Here are the project photos, space is limited, sign up TODAY! Have a great weekend, and see you soon.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tango Kiss

This card uses the new Kiwi Kiss and Tangerine Tango in colors (and positively pink and natural ivory). LOVE THEM. Several people mentioned that Tangerine was similar to Pumpkin Pie, and folks, it is NOT! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new in colors.

I have to say, I have the MOST AMAZING friends on the planet! I really do, and it is nice to know that should I have a REAL problem, I have so many who are willing to help me out.
Thanks to all of you who have offered me your baby crocks, that is so kind, and humbling. What a blessing breaking that crock has been! Who knew? I do appreciate you guys.
Here is what Dana and Linda did... they are too funny.

And here is my new prize! Thanks guys, it means the world to me. I am so blessed.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Before my heartbreaking story, I would like to share with you the EXTRA we did at tech class las t night. Dana, Linda, and Lenna were treated to two surprises. We made one of the cards with two of the new in colors (I will post tomorrow) and I let them assemble a card from our NEW card kits! So cool. you get everything you need to make 9 cards (with stuff left over) for $15. Then you can buy a matching stamp set if you want. So I am loving the new card kit options. Here are our creations. Dana and Linda made one using the pattern given, Lenna and I didn't follow directions! does that surprise anyone really? I didn't think so. I call these idiot proof cards. Not bc we are idiots, but bc they really are. Linda is never completely happy with her creations. She was with this. I was so happy for her.

Now, I have a sad little story. Well, it is a long one really. Thanks for indulging me.
I have become overly excited about crock pot cooking. I REALLY love it, A LOT. And I have a typical round one, tiny in otherwords. I have really been wanting (read lusting, hunting, coveting) a 6 quart oval one. I have been preparing Scott for the reality that I will indeed have to purchase one. So Tonya mentions to me that Sears is a great place to shop for crock pots, which leads me to looking online for the BEST deal. In my online quest I see baby crocks and think, hey if I find a good deal on a big one, maybe they will have a baby one too. I even found 8 quart crocks. Seriously, I could go MANDO. So, in my head I start to make lovely plans for my new friends (the crock pots), it is a love affair in the making. Seriously, I was getting giddy thinking about all I could do. And sure enough, Sears had a a fabulous 7 quart crock pot with a BONUS 16 oz crock. It was perfect! Plus, it was on SALE! I can not tell you how VERY EXCITED and OVER JOYED I was. It almost made up for the fact I had to have $300 of work done to my van. So, I order it online, for in store pick up and shortly after get an email saying I could go and get my prize! I am the happiest I have been since the Jonas Brothers concert, seriously folks, this crock was life altering. I stop at IGA to get velveeta (have you noticed how much cheese has gone up?) for my baby crock, and a few other things for the tech class. OK, this is where it gets sad. Jeremiah and Jonathan are a bit stir crazy, I guess the rain, who knows, and are running in my house. After SEVERAL attempts to calm them down, I LOOSE it and unleash on the poor baby. And in my frustration I grabbed the box the baby crock came in to flatten it for recycling (hey, I may be a horrible mom, but I am environmentally responsible!) and swish around with it, and that is when it happened. there was this HORRIBLE noise, it went like *THUNK* and there in my floor was my baby crock, shattered, with chunks of velveeta everywhere! Can you believe it?!?!? Those things can't be flung to the floor in a fit of rage and survive! What is this world coming to? So, I was REALLY sad. What a loss, I had big plans for that thing. My mom quickly banned me from the larger crock for the evening.
During the tech class, my friends were kind to endure my endless and relentless rambling of paradise lost with my baby crock pot.
See here is part of it, I was going to let Scott fuss at me, then tell him what a GREAT deal I had gotten (bc it really was) PLUS the little one for free. It was the whole selling point. And now it is gone. I may cry at any point. I made me a little angsty music list and titled it I broke my new crock pot and I may cry. It helped. So did watching "Love Bug" on you tube over and over. So little crock pot, rest in peace. It was a short love affair, but the love was true and intense.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

new toy

I got a new toy!!!! I know some of you have seen this, but for the few of you that haven't... check it out! We will soon have a scallop edge punch! You can order yours August 11th!
And I so LOVE the new pacific point!

Monday, July 14, 2008

if at first it doesn't work, make it yourself!

So I have this amazing friend, and she was having a birthday.... so I wanted to make a candle holder and match box to match. Simple, right. I don't know why the butterflies... I just knew no flowers! ;) So she is a big red, white and blue girl, like me, so I stuck with red and white. Anyway, I couldn't get the match box the way I wanted it, so I just made one. YEP, that there box is made completely out of card stock! too cool, huh?
Don't worry, I made us a pattern so fun can be had by all!
Hope you had a birthday as amazing as you are Kayla! I am glad we are friends. Even if I get wet from time to time bc of it! ;)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

As promised

Here are a few pictures of our day Wednesday. Jonathan, and surprisingly Scott too are both ready to go to another show. And everyone knows I am!

Jonathan was smart to bring his new scooter to ride in the parking lot before the show, it was hot, but fun. Jeremiah tried to get a better look at the bus when the boys arrived at the venue (lots of screaming girls!). And the Team Jonas party served dinner!

As for the show... Krista took these pictures, and I so appreciate her sharing them with me. It was hard to get a good shot bc the boys move so much. But here are a few, feel free to stop by and see them all! There are over 200, so plan to stay a while! ;)

The stage had tons of fire (Jeremiah's favorite part) but it had to, BURNING UP tour.
This is the boys coming up from under the stage... looking cool, but not for long, it was HOT outside!There is a fun song, "love Bug" starts off folk sounding, and this is the whole band. Joe even tap dances here, real fun. I love the drums, this was my favorite, mainly bc I knew they were loving it. It wouldn't be a JB show without JOE on top the piano or table or.... It was a great show, Scott said they sure sang their hearts out and put on a GREAT show! I felt guilty asking for an encore, they gave it all they had! Those are some hard working kids!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Tuesday's Technique Class

Paper Lantern, I love the look of this, but wouldn't want to do it to everything. And IF I had more oriental feeling stamps, it would be even more tempting.
Come and make these three cards, and maybe something else, if I can find something else to make, Tuesday night at 7. There is no charge. Just come and relax. RSVP would be appreciated, but not necessary. Here are the three cards. I will change the colors of the last one to match the felt flowers.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

happy thursday

I think most if not all of the Designer papers will be retired, bc so many have the in colors in them! So order the ones you love soon!

We had so much fun in Dallas yesterday!
We celebrated Jonathan's 8th birthday by taking him to the Jonas Brother's concert. It was an all day event. We got to shop at whole foods for some special wheat free items that aren't in Waco. That is always fun. Krista had gotten a GPS recently, so we had fun playing with it. She put in a chick fil a, and it took us to one, on the SMU campus. So Jonathan had lunch at SMU, which is really a pretty campus. Then we went to the preparty at the concert venue. I have to say, it was a bit over rated, and we could have easily missed it and been ok, but it was fun too. We did get to see the bus pull in when they came, and we got to see the special car that drove all their guests for the show as well. That was fun. Jonathan said, we will know when they are here bc we will hear lots of screaming. Well, with that many teen girls, there was lots of screaming all the time!
about 5 Krista wanted to get inline for getting into the concert, and it wrapped around the side of the place, it was after 6:30 when we finally got inside the amphitheater. Where we had to spend $5 on water or gatorade. The place was packed, not a spot left anywhere. Even the lawn was FULL! The show was great, lots of fun music and special effects. Great performers. Krista will get me pictures and I can share a few, bc I know you want to see them ;)
anyways, the show was over at 10:30, and at midnight we were barely out of the parking lot. Not planned well that whole system.
We got home after 3, but we had a great day. We are all beat. It will make for great scrap pages.
I must go now and fix snacks for tonight, come if you can, it will be fun. hopefully I will create something wonderful tomorrow! ;)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I've been tagged

First, I would like to remind you that I have a Christmas in July event Thursday night, the 10th at 7pm, you can make the projects you see on the side. email me if you have any questions. It will be fun, I promise.

I don't remember the second thing right now, sorry.

I have been tagged. Thank you Stacey. What an honor to be among your list. I was very impressed with your list... I don't think I have anything near that interesting to say about myself!!! Visit Stacey's blog here

I really don't have any random facts about me that everyone doesn't already know. I am an open book, so there just isn't much left to divulge. But I will try. Bare with me.

1. I have a diamond grading certificate, yep, I took a diamond grading class, two in fact, right after high school.
2. I want to be a funeral home director at some point. (I want to help families after their loss)
3. When I was young (15), I wanted to be a marine mammal trainer (but who didn't?)
4. When I was REALLY young (5), I wanted to be either a nun or a stripper.
5. I have become obsessed with finding new recipes and wheat free cooking. Yet, I won't taste much of it, I make my mom and Scott try most things, all of which Jonathan rejects.
6. I LOVE to be pregnant, but only want my two kiddos. If only there were a way to stay preggo forever and not have anymore kids?!?!?!?
7. I don't have a favorite color. absolutely can't name one color I like above all others.

That was hard.

Now for my seven blogs, that I adore....
1. Of course Lindsey, she is the one who inspired me to blog
2. My sweet and often opinionated husband
3. my crockpot lady
4. Donna, don't remember how I found her, but I love her blog
5. Nancy, again, don't know how I found her, but I am glad I did
6. Elana, she has lots of great recipes, and green ideas, neat neat blog
7. Susan, she is a great friend and customer, and she has a biz of her own too!

Whew... I am tired. Hope you all have a happy Wednesday, I am headed to the show! woo hoo

stamp club

This month's stamp club will be hosted by Brenda and Melissa.
Here is what we will make, a criss cross card.

Due to my current supply of Designer Papers, not everyone's will be the same, but there will be plenty to choose from.

Monday, July 7, 2008

still off topic

I have to say, it takes a VERY special young lady for parents to let their son be a flower boy at her wedding! ;) Brittany is one of the most amazing and special people I know, and I Love her! Any ways, her husband, ROB is in a contest and if you would do me the favor of voting for him, I would greatly appreciate it! Here is the link go to the Austin Artist Showcase and it will pull up the five you can vote for. His name is Rob Dubois. You can view his live performance and at the bottom, VOTE! YAY! Thanks so much for your help.
We went to his CD release party and really enjoyed it. These two are the real deal, and you will be glad to have supported them! And you might want to buy the CD, Jonathan has really enjoyed it, he put it on his MP3 player the first night we had it!