Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Before my heartbreaking story, I would like to share with you the EXTRA we did at tech class las t night. Dana, Linda, and Lenna were treated to two surprises. We made one of the cards with two of the new in colors (I will post tomorrow) and I let them assemble a card from our NEW card kits! So cool. you get everything you need to make 9 cards (with stuff left over) for $15. Then you can buy a matching stamp set if you want. So I am loving the new card kit options. Here are our creations. Dana and Linda made one using the pattern given, Lenna and I didn't follow directions! does that surprise anyone really? I didn't think so. I call these idiot proof cards. Not bc we are idiots, but bc they really are. Linda is never completely happy with her creations. She was with this. I was so happy for her.

Now, I have a sad little story. Well, it is a long one really. Thanks for indulging me.
I have become overly excited about crock pot cooking. I REALLY love it, A LOT. And I have a typical round one, tiny in otherwords. I have really been wanting (read lusting, hunting, coveting) a 6 quart oval one. I have been preparing Scott for the reality that I will indeed have to purchase one. So Tonya mentions to me that Sears is a great place to shop for crock pots, which leads me to looking online for the BEST deal. In my online quest I see baby crocks and think, hey if I find a good deal on a big one, maybe they will have a baby one too. I even found 8 quart crocks. Seriously, I could go MANDO. So, in my head I start to make lovely plans for my new friends (the crock pots), it is a love affair in the making. Seriously, I was getting giddy thinking about all I could do. And sure enough, Sears had a a fabulous 7 quart crock pot with a BONUS 16 oz crock. It was perfect! Plus, it was on SALE! I can not tell you how VERY EXCITED and OVER JOYED I was. It almost made up for the fact I had to have $300 of work done to my van. So, I order it online, for in store pick up and shortly after get an email saying I could go and get my prize! I am the happiest I have been since the Jonas Brothers concert, seriously folks, this crock was life altering. I stop at IGA to get velveeta (have you noticed how much cheese has gone up?) for my baby crock, and a few other things for the tech class. OK, this is where it gets sad. Jeremiah and Jonathan are a bit stir crazy, I guess the rain, who knows, and are running in my house. After SEVERAL attempts to calm them down, I LOOSE it and unleash on the poor baby. And in my frustration I grabbed the box the baby crock came in to flatten it for recycling (hey, I may be a horrible mom, but I am environmentally responsible!) and swish around with it, and that is when it happened. there was this HORRIBLE noise, it went like *THUNK* and there in my floor was my baby crock, shattered, with chunks of velveeta everywhere! Can you believe it?!?!? Those things can't be flung to the floor in a fit of rage and survive! What is this world coming to? So, I was REALLY sad. What a loss, I had big plans for that thing. My mom quickly banned me from the larger crock for the evening.
During the tech class, my friends were kind to endure my endless and relentless rambling of paradise lost with my baby crock pot.
See here is part of it, I was going to let Scott fuss at me, then tell him what a GREAT deal I had gotten (bc it really was) PLUS the little one for free. It was the whole selling point. And now it is gone. I may cry at any point. I made me a little angsty music list and titled it I broke my new crock pot and I may cry. It helped. So did watching "Love Bug" on you tube over and over. So little crock pot, rest in peace. It was a short love affair, but the love was true and intense.

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