Saturday, July 12, 2008

As promised

Here are a few pictures of our day Wednesday. Jonathan, and surprisingly Scott too are both ready to go to another show. And everyone knows I am!

Jonathan was smart to bring his new scooter to ride in the parking lot before the show, it was hot, but fun. Jeremiah tried to get a better look at the bus when the boys arrived at the venue (lots of screaming girls!). And the Team Jonas party served dinner!

As for the show... Krista took these pictures, and I so appreciate her sharing them with me. It was hard to get a good shot bc the boys move so much. But here are a few, feel free to stop by and see them all! There are over 200, so plan to stay a while! ;)

The stage had tons of fire (Jeremiah's favorite part) but it had to, BURNING UP tour.
This is the boys coming up from under the stage... looking cool, but not for long, it was HOT outside!There is a fun song, "love Bug" starts off folk sounding, and this is the whole band. Joe even tap dances here, real fun. I love the drums, this was my favorite, mainly bc I knew they were loving it. It wouldn't be a JB show without JOE on top the piano or table or.... It was a great show, Scott said they sure sang their hearts out and put on a GREAT show! I felt guilty asking for an encore, they gave it all they had! Those are some hard working kids!

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Emily said...

I showed the pics to Kathryn and her mouth dropped open. She will probably be quizzing you about the concert next time she sees you.