Monday, July 7, 2008

still off topic

I have to say, it takes a VERY special young lady for parents to let their son be a flower boy at her wedding! ;) Brittany is one of the most amazing and special people I know, and I Love her! Any ways, her husband, ROB is in a contest and if you would do me the favor of voting for him, I would greatly appreciate it! Here is the link go to the Austin Artist Showcase and it will pull up the five you can vote for. His name is Rob Dubois. You can view his live performance and at the bottom, VOTE! YAY! Thanks so much for your help.
We went to his CD release party and really enjoyed it. These two are the real deal, and you will be glad to have supported them! And you might want to buy the CD, Jonathan has really enjoyed it, he put it on his MP3 player the first night we had it!

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