Thursday, July 10, 2008

happy thursday

I think most if not all of the Designer papers will be retired, bc so many have the in colors in them! So order the ones you love soon!

We had so much fun in Dallas yesterday!
We celebrated Jonathan's 8th birthday by taking him to the Jonas Brother's concert. It was an all day event. We got to shop at whole foods for some special wheat free items that aren't in Waco. That is always fun. Krista had gotten a GPS recently, so we had fun playing with it. She put in a chick fil a, and it took us to one, on the SMU campus. So Jonathan had lunch at SMU, which is really a pretty campus. Then we went to the preparty at the concert venue. I have to say, it was a bit over rated, and we could have easily missed it and been ok, but it was fun too. We did get to see the bus pull in when they came, and we got to see the special car that drove all their guests for the show as well. That was fun. Jonathan said, we will know when they are here bc we will hear lots of screaming. Well, with that many teen girls, there was lots of screaming all the time!
about 5 Krista wanted to get inline for getting into the concert, and it wrapped around the side of the place, it was after 6:30 when we finally got inside the amphitheater. Where we had to spend $5 on water or gatorade. The place was packed, not a spot left anywhere. Even the lawn was FULL! The show was great, lots of fun music and special effects. Great performers. Krista will get me pictures and I can share a few, bc I know you want to see them ;)
anyways, the show was over at 10:30, and at midnight we were barely out of the parking lot. Not planned well that whole system.
We got home after 3, but we had a great day. We are all beat. It will make for great scrap pages.
I must go now and fix snacks for tonight, come if you can, it will be fun. hopefully I will create something wonderful tomorrow! ;)

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