Thursday, January 31, 2008

For the love of a child!

I have a favor, a plea, whatever, I need your help.

I need to make army tank cookies for Jeremiah's class by wednesday!

If you have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know. thanks.

now... here are a few cards, just for fun.

And some exciting news, Stampin' Up! has some wonderful accessories, I always want to use them in a class, or club, or something, and have never been able to because I wouldn't have enough of the right thing for 12 plus people, well, they are now offering bulk buys to us demos! YAY! that means you will get to see the sticky cuts, hodge podge, rub ons, and chip board soon!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

good friends, good times, and rub ons

Have you have ever planned something in your head, only to have it play out completely differently? That happens to me a lot, sad huh?
When I planned my rub on class I had this idea in my head how it would go, and it isn't at all how it went. But I think we still had fun. Basically what we learned is, you can't rush a rub on, and some materials work better than others. And for some people. Also, rub ons aren't automatic, it is a learned technique, but well worth the effort.
At about 10:30 and running on 4 hours of sleep, and delirious from the days' events, I thought I would rub on my scrap book, pretty cool, huh?
I think that you will love rub ons, but know that the first few times may be practice!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

for Susanne

My friend Susanne has moved to the Dallas area, so very sad, but since I will be in Dallas Saturday to take my mom to the airport, I will get to do a workshop for her! So FUN! The only problem now is which two cards?
A friend wanted to see the spiral punch, and she wanted to use Priceless, so green/purple or pink/brown????

Friday, January 25, 2008

my funny valentine!

February marks Jeremiah's birthday. And it can't come soon enough for him. He suffers from everyone is older than me. He has been chomping at the bit to have me make his invites, and he is right, they should already be in the mail, and probably won't get there until Tuesday, but here is the design, Jeremiah picked the colors, stamps, and layout, he was barking out orders faster than I could carry them out! He wants to have a soldier party, should be tons of fun, hope the weather is decent! the thought of 15 5 year olds in my house doesn't excite me!

Have a good weekend, I hope we get to see mr. sun soon, I have missed him.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

have I told you about my mom?

Pretty much anyone who has ever talked to me knows how amazing my mom is, or at least how amazing I think she is! When Dana and I were pouring over the new catalog, mom overheard us discussing how we didn't like some of the new patterned papers, then we would see it in a project and LOVE it! So mom suggest that I make a sampler of all the papers.

Genius! here is my little sampler! it has a 6 X 6 sheet of every sheet of every pack of the papers. Now you can know for sure what you are getting. I have often times not cared for paper, then some one orders it and I think it is wonderful. And now that I have them all, they are all pretty great! Anytime you would like to look at the papers, let me know!
On another note, I have some tidbits for you.
First, Susan Jones has a unmounting system, it is how she stores her stamps and loves it. It you go to her link you can check it all out. Here is the cool part, if you tell someone about it, either in email, or posting it somewhere, on the phone, however, you can enter her drawing for a prize! go to my list of links, and click on Susan's to check it out!
Second, if you are suffering from allergies right now, worse then normal, drippy nose etc, call my friend Patricia, she works for an allergist and they are doing a study THIS WEEK, and she can help you feel better! 753-3646.
Have a GREAT day!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

where do you get your inspiration?

I have lots of places I look before I create. I get ideas from all kinds of things. Once I made a card based on the colors in Jonathan's curtains. Normally, I can't directly copy something, kind of like I can't follow a recipe. Something in my genetic code.
Anyway, SU! sends great tools and helps to us, and I love their stuff, but never am inspired to make it, i use the ideas, or colors, but not a replica. That is over!
These are two copies straight from their last demo magazine! I love them!
The card will be a rub on class project. (yes, I put the rub on ON the ribbon! so stinking cute!) Speaking of, I only have one place left!!!!
I will be out of pocket this weekend. But will return in plenty of time for Club on Monday. Feel free to call me!

and now for the boys

here is what I made for the boys lay out for scrap club. Hope you love them!


I made/sold/gave about 120 of these DVD tins over Christmas. So I would safely say they are "popular".
Anyway, I got in a new shipment of supplies for making the tins, and the first thing I did, make myself one! I LOVE the new Western Sky papers so wonderful. I will probably offer making the tin as a class this spring.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Attention Clubbers!

Stamp club, at our first meeting, we will be doing valentines! woo hoo!
We will meet Monday, the 21st at 7 pm. Come and make a mini card, and a treat. I have candy to fill it with! I will have lots of the new catalog stuff for you to see, touch, etc.

Scrappers, I have had this layout in my head for some time, the Card Stock is where pictures will be including the designed paper. One blank said has journaling lines (not straight ones tho!) All I need is a title! If you have a thought, please pass it on! And if pinks and brown aren't your thing, no worries, I am whipping up a "boy" version! This is one of the new sets, design papers, and punch! I love the new stuff.

well who knew?!?!?

Ever have your rubber unmount from the foam?
Frustrating, I know. It happens to me a lot, mainly bc I cut my stamps so close and bc they get heavy traffic.
I called home office to ask what best to do, and they said.... are you ready? RUBBER CEMENT!
slap some on the rubber and some on the foam, wait a few minutes and smack them pieces back together. (that was a quote too, I often talk to ladies when I call in, today it was a guy, and that was his step by step instructions!)
I only wish that I had called before I went to Wal Mart!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

better late than never!

I promised the valentine class projects would be up by Monday, technically this is Tuesday, but I haven't gone to bed yet....
This Thursday night at 7 pm we will have a time to make Valentine cards, and Valentine treats. Similar to what is shown, as always, you are welcome to tweak it all to your taste, and needs!
Hope to see you soon!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

another tin

One last little project for the rub on class.
This is one of the tins that I got a while back to do no telling what with. This one if filled with ribbon, it was a hostess gift for Kayla, but we can fill ours with candy of course!
have a great weekend.

Friday, January 11, 2008

raising the bar

The new spring/summer catalog still takes my breath away. I just love it. All the ideas, and fun stuff. This is one of the items we will make in our class. I covered the egg with craft ink, and then the rub on... so easy and fun... imagine a bunch in a bucket! too cute.

I took a small tera cotta pot and painted it with crystal effects and ink refill. Then (say it with me) I put on a Rub On! The flowers are on twizlers, and weighed down with candy corn. Mom is bringing chenille stems, if you'd rather use those. I think this is just too cute and fun! I will post the card and 6X6 page asap, and a slide show with all the projects.
This is what my pastor would call a freebie. Anytime he makes a point that isn't the sermon point, it is our little extra... here is yours! I love my lady at stamp on this! She has great things that are so fun to stamp on, customer service is superb, and the prices are the best around. She also has an idea gallery, and for Valentines... Cupid's Arrows! how fun! She used a kabob stick, but I used the twizlers, I would have loved to use a pixie, but couldn't find them. you can find the directions here
the home page is check her out!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

still seeing rub ons everywhere

So I am cleaning my kitchen and I have two crocks, one on the stove for utensils and one by the sink for scrubbers, and I think how wonderful they would be with a rub on or two! he he he

Here is the jar I got some yummy treats in at Christmas that I have turned into my scrap ribbon jar! I wish I had stuck to one color... but experimenting is half the fun, right?
This little jar is similar, and can be done to sit either on the bottom or the side. It will be one of the rub on class projects. I have M&Ms, red hots, and candy corn to fill them with. The red grosgrain would be pretty too, I was just in the mood for gingham! I have two other things I want to finish for the class, and then I need to work on the 6X6 page and card using the buttons. I am waiting for my order to come in before I can finish one item.... so excited!
Have a good day. I will cleaning, organizing my stamp room and fun things like that! Getting ready for the Saturday crop! Isn't life grand? Oh, you won't believe this.... This has to be the most humbling thing as well as the highest praise ever... the family of the young lady who got hurt on the ski trip told Scott and me that it helped them knowing we were with her during that time, since they couldn't be. That Scott was the next best thing to being there themselves, as a parent, that is huge. In today's world, people are quick to blame and sue, and let me tell you, there is nothing more horrifying than to bring home a broken child from a trip. Instead of being upset with us, they have been so grateful, and have said the nicest things to us... but there is more....they gave Scott a nice card with gift cards to go out to eat and an offer to keep the boys. Can you believe that? Veggie Tales are right, a thankful heart is a happy heart! What a blessing.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rub Ons are like crack

When I first found Stampin' Up, well, when Tonya first forced me into it, ;), I would see everything in SU! colors, it was so funny to have something so totally change my vision.
Soon I saw things that I thought would make great cards in everything I saw where ever I was. What do I see now? Everywhere I look, I see something that needs to have a rub on. Things in my house, things at the store, things I see when I am driving... beware, I may put a rub on on you if you stand still for long! Isn't the new catty fun?
So I find these GREAT oval platters for our rub on class... so pretty. And I don't really like my first go. so, I remember reading about the little eraser (adhesive remover) taking it off, and what do you know... it worked. Below is my second try, much better. This will be one of the projects at the rub on class on January 29th.

Well, we all LOVE Dana, and she is so good to all of us. I thought as we were 30 minutes out of Red River that I should have gotten her a little something from there to thank her for letting me use her coat on the trip. As always... too late. My mind works, which is a good thing, it just doesn't work in time. anyway, I had received this little jar with brownie mix for Christmas, and washed it out real well, and planned to use it for something.... so I got some fancy chocolates, and decorated it up, just a little something to thank her for letting me use her coat. If I had to get something to show Dana how much I appreciate her, I just don't know if she'd have a place big enough to put it ;), so this small token will have to do. She seemed to like it. the second picture is a close up of the rub on detail.

Well, I have created other items I can't wait to share, but I must pace myself. I have to say, this class will be my favorite so far! I only have enough supplies for ten.... so sign up fast, while you can! Tomorrow I will post what I am doing with another fabulous jar I got for Christmas!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

more rub ons

Jeremiah and I are about to run our Tuesday errands, which include finding some more things for the rub on class, once I have it all, I will make a slide show with all the items for you to see at once! Wish us luck!
This is a little candle with a border and an image as well as wording. I got a bit carried away.
The new demo sites are supposed to be live today, but my link isn't working, plus I don't have it all edited yet, so don't rush over just yet. hope you all have a good day and are getting geared up for my wild creative streak that I am planning on having..... be scared! ;)

Monday, January 7, 2008

why i am always behind

Well, I have been watching my order from the new catty like a hawk. and I finally called and there is flat no way they can get it here by tomorrow. It hasn't even gone into picking yet. So I made the very hard decision to postpone the catalog open house. I hate that.
I would much rather the items be here though. I will let you know ASAP when I will reset the date, if they ship it today, then I can have it Thursday, if not, I will have to have it Tuesday or during the crop..... hmmm, I will let you know, sorry to rearrange the calendar right off the bat like that, but I just think the products should be here for the open house.
thanks guys for your flexibility!

another rub on

I plan to go and find us a few last items to make in our rub on class. This catch up day is moving slow. The new demo websites are needing to be edited, and it is taking forever! plus we have no food in our house! anyway, I meant to post this from New Mexico, but our internet connection wasn't good. so here it is, this is a cool frame, dolled up a bit!

too much to tell

Well, we are home, and the laundry has been sorted, and we are semi unpacked. I have tons to tell you all, but will try to keep to the high points.

We had NO cell service at Red River, and VERY limited Internet connections. FRUSTRATING, but kinda nice too.

The first day on the mountain, we were running late, and by we, I mean Scott. He had gotten altitude sickness the first night and didn't wake up on time the next day. So, rough start.

We got the boys in ski school (BIG WASTE OF $$$) and Jonathan had a rough start, I was really concerned. Jeremiah seemed to catch on quickly, and started entertaining himself.

The morning went fast, and we got the boys from school and headed back to the cabins for lunch, one of the youth said something about another youth getting hurt, but since she was so composed, I honestly didn't think much of it. the next thing I know, we are standing by an ambulance, and there is our youth. They had to take her to Taos, about an hour away, to be checked out, she had hit a tree, probably slipping on the ice. The snow wasn't great, lots of ice patches. So Scott and Jenny took off to Taos to be at the hospital with Michelle. We went back to the mountain and the boys went back to school. Jonathan still struggled, but Jeremiah seemed to have a handle on things, I was a little uneasy about them putting my babies on the ski lifts by themselves! but it didn't seem to bother the boys at all!

We finally hear from Michelle, she has cracked her pelvis, can you imagine? However, we were thankful for nothing worse, I saw more ambulances those three days, and I heard of two deaths. Yes folks, skiing is dangerous! I have to say I was very impressed with the youth and their willingness to serve and take care of their own during this time, and sweet Michelle never complained or fussed about having to sit in the condo injured. In fact she seemed appreciative of the chance to get to know the other youth better. Wednesday morning Scott had to go back to Taos to get Michelle's medicines (next time I ski, it will be near a hospital and pharmacy!) and I stayed with her at the condo. that afternoon Scott and I took the boys back to ski, I just wore my snow boots and Scott was on his skis, and we practiced some more. I can't tell you how fun it was to get the boys in line for the lift, and run up the mountain to meet them when they got off, to help them ski down, just to go back up again! ;) Friday was the last ski day, and I was going to ski. We got the boys to the bunny slope and got right to work, in no time Jonathan was able to stop and turn, and didn't fall much after that, he finally got it! Here he is, skiing with Sam. They rode the lift together and raced down the mountain. Later on he got to go up to a bigger run and did well.

It became obvious that headstrong Jeremiah just wanted to go fast, he had no interest in stopping or turning, he just went straight down the mountain, and would fall when he was ready to stop, or run into someone/something. but by the end of the day he was stopping, they called the snow plow a "pizza" and we yelled "pizza Jeremiah!" all day!

I was shocked at how quick it all came back, I haven't skied since before Jonathan, so 10 years. But I did OK, didn't get far from the bunny slopes, but I did make one run with Jonathan on the bigger beginner slope. I wasn't too sore, thank goodness! I would have frozen to death without Dana's coat, thank you Dana!

It was a fun time, but we are glad to be back. I just wish someone would have cleaned up the house while I was gone! Michelle is doing fine, and will be much better in about another week, however, she is a tough and brave young lady. we made the trip back in 13 and a half hours! We aren't looking forward to being in the van any time soon!