Friday, January 11, 2008

raising the bar

The new spring/summer catalog still takes my breath away. I just love it. All the ideas, and fun stuff. This is one of the items we will make in our class. I covered the egg with craft ink, and then the rub on... so easy and fun... imagine a bunch in a bucket! too cute.

I took a small tera cotta pot and painted it with crystal effects and ink refill. Then (say it with me) I put on a Rub On! The flowers are on twizlers, and weighed down with candy corn. Mom is bringing chenille stems, if you'd rather use those. I think this is just too cute and fun! I will post the card and 6X6 page asap, and a slide show with all the projects.
This is what my pastor would call a freebie. Anytime he makes a point that isn't the sermon point, it is our little extra... here is yours! I love my lady at stamp on this! She has great things that are so fun to stamp on, customer service is superb, and the prices are the best around. She also has an idea gallery, and for Valentines... Cupid's Arrows! how fun! She used a kabob stick, but I used the twizlers, I would have loved to use a pixie, but couldn't find them. you can find the directions here
the home page is check her out!

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