Tuesday, January 22, 2008

have I told you about my mom?

Pretty much anyone who has ever talked to me knows how amazing my mom is, or at least how amazing I think she is! When Dana and I were pouring over the new catalog, mom overheard us discussing how we didn't like some of the new patterned papers, then we would see it in a project and LOVE it! So mom suggest that I make a sampler of all the papers.

Genius! here is my little sampler! it has a 6 X 6 sheet of every sheet of every pack of the papers. Now you can know for sure what you are getting. I have often times not cared for paper, then some one orders it and I think it is wonderful. And now that I have them all, they are all pretty great! Anytime you would like to look at the papers, let me know!
On another note, I have some tidbits for you.
First, Susan Jones has a unmounting system, it is how she stores her stamps and loves it. It you go to her link you can check it all out. Here is the cool part, if you tell someone about it, either in email, or posting it somewhere, on the phone, however, you can enter her drawing for a prize! go to my list of links, and click on Susan's to check it out!
Second, if you are suffering from allergies right now, worse then normal, drippy nose etc, call my friend Patricia, she works for an allergist and they are doing a study THIS WEEK, and she can help you feel better! 753-3646.
Have a GREAT day!

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