Monday, January 7, 2008

too much to tell

Well, we are home, and the laundry has been sorted, and we are semi unpacked. I have tons to tell you all, but will try to keep to the high points.

We had NO cell service at Red River, and VERY limited Internet connections. FRUSTRATING, but kinda nice too.

The first day on the mountain, we were running late, and by we, I mean Scott. He had gotten altitude sickness the first night and didn't wake up on time the next day. So, rough start.

We got the boys in ski school (BIG WASTE OF $$$) and Jonathan had a rough start, I was really concerned. Jeremiah seemed to catch on quickly, and started entertaining himself.

The morning went fast, and we got the boys from school and headed back to the cabins for lunch, one of the youth said something about another youth getting hurt, but since she was so composed, I honestly didn't think much of it. the next thing I know, we are standing by an ambulance, and there is our youth. They had to take her to Taos, about an hour away, to be checked out, she had hit a tree, probably slipping on the ice. The snow wasn't great, lots of ice patches. So Scott and Jenny took off to Taos to be at the hospital with Michelle. We went back to the mountain and the boys went back to school. Jonathan still struggled, but Jeremiah seemed to have a handle on things, I was a little uneasy about them putting my babies on the ski lifts by themselves! but it didn't seem to bother the boys at all!

We finally hear from Michelle, she has cracked her pelvis, can you imagine? However, we were thankful for nothing worse, I saw more ambulances those three days, and I heard of two deaths. Yes folks, skiing is dangerous! I have to say I was very impressed with the youth and their willingness to serve and take care of their own during this time, and sweet Michelle never complained or fussed about having to sit in the condo injured. In fact she seemed appreciative of the chance to get to know the other youth better. Wednesday morning Scott had to go back to Taos to get Michelle's medicines (next time I ski, it will be near a hospital and pharmacy!) and I stayed with her at the condo. that afternoon Scott and I took the boys back to ski, I just wore my snow boots and Scott was on his skis, and we practiced some more. I can't tell you how fun it was to get the boys in line for the lift, and run up the mountain to meet them when they got off, to help them ski down, just to go back up again! ;) Friday was the last ski day, and I was going to ski. We got the boys to the bunny slope and got right to work, in no time Jonathan was able to stop and turn, and didn't fall much after that, he finally got it! Here he is, skiing with Sam. They rode the lift together and raced down the mountain. Later on he got to go up to a bigger run and did well.

It became obvious that headstrong Jeremiah just wanted to go fast, he had no interest in stopping or turning, he just went straight down the mountain, and would fall when he was ready to stop, or run into someone/something. but by the end of the day he was stopping, they called the snow plow a "pizza" and we yelled "pizza Jeremiah!" all day!

I was shocked at how quick it all came back, I haven't skied since before Jonathan, so 10 years. But I did OK, didn't get far from the bunny slopes, but I did make one run with Jonathan on the bigger beginner slope. I wasn't too sore, thank goodness! I would have frozen to death without Dana's coat, thank you Dana!

It was a fun time, but we are glad to be back. I just wish someone would have cleaned up the house while I was gone! Michelle is doing fine, and will be much better in about another week, however, she is a tough and brave young lady. we made the trip back in 13 and a half hours! We aren't looking forward to being in the van any time soon!

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