Thursday, January 10, 2008

still seeing rub ons everywhere

So I am cleaning my kitchen and I have two crocks, one on the stove for utensils and one by the sink for scrubbers, and I think how wonderful they would be with a rub on or two! he he he

Here is the jar I got some yummy treats in at Christmas that I have turned into my scrap ribbon jar! I wish I had stuck to one color... but experimenting is half the fun, right?
This little jar is similar, and can be done to sit either on the bottom or the side. It will be one of the rub on class projects. I have M&Ms, red hots, and candy corn to fill them with. The red grosgrain would be pretty too, I was just in the mood for gingham! I have two other things I want to finish for the class, and then I need to work on the 6X6 page and card using the buttons. I am waiting for my order to come in before I can finish one item.... so excited!
Have a good day. I will cleaning, organizing my stamp room and fun things like that! Getting ready for the Saturday crop! Isn't life grand? Oh, you won't believe this.... This has to be the most humbling thing as well as the highest praise ever... the family of the young lady who got hurt on the ski trip told Scott and me that it helped them knowing we were with her during that time, since they couldn't be. That Scott was the next best thing to being there themselves, as a parent, that is huge. In today's world, people are quick to blame and sue, and let me tell you, there is nothing more horrifying than to bring home a broken child from a trip. Instead of being upset with us, they have been so grateful, and have said the nicest things to us... but there is more....they gave Scott a nice card with gift cards to go out to eat and an offer to keep the boys. Can you believe that? Veggie Tales are right, a thankful heart is a happy heart! What a blessing.

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