Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rub Ons are like crack

When I first found Stampin' Up, well, when Tonya first forced me into it, ;), I would see everything in SU! colors, it was so funny to have something so totally change my vision.
Soon I saw things that I thought would make great cards in everything I saw where ever I was. What do I see now? Everywhere I look, I see something that needs to have a rub on. Things in my house, things at the store, things I see when I am driving... beware, I may put a rub on on you if you stand still for long! Isn't the new catty fun?
So I find these GREAT oval platters for our rub on class... so pretty. And I don't really like my first go. so, I remember reading about the little eraser (adhesive remover) taking it off, and what do you know... it worked. Below is my second try, much better. This will be one of the projects at the rub on class on January 29th.

Well, we all LOVE Dana, and she is so good to all of us. I thought as we were 30 minutes out of Red River that I should have gotten her a little something from there to thank her for letting me use her coat on the trip. As always... too late. My mind works, which is a good thing, it just doesn't work in time. anyway, I had received this little jar with brownie mix for Christmas, and washed it out real well, and planned to use it for something.... so I got some fancy chocolates, and decorated it up, just a little something to thank her for letting me use her coat. If I had to get something to show Dana how much I appreciate her, I just don't know if she'd have a place big enough to put it ;), so this small token will have to do. She seemed to like it. the second picture is a close up of the rub on detail.

Well, I have created other items I can't wait to share, but I must pace myself. I have to say, this class will be my favorite so far! I only have enough supplies for ten.... so sign up fast, while you can! Tomorrow I will post what I am doing with another fabulous jar I got for Christmas!

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