Thursday, December 13, 2007

going with your gut

I wanted to do something fun for our stamp club scramble, and found a cute bookmark calendar. Couldn't get it bc it was from a site you had to pay to join.
Last night I chose to bite the bullet, in hopes that other downloads would justify the cost. didn't see anything else I wanted. So here are our $10 bookmarks!
We will make a ton of them! And we will LOVE them! ;)
I will try brighter colors and things to dress it up later, just wanted to get it on here for all to see!


Anonymous said...

G'day from down Under Western Australia
I found your Blog from the Stamp Shack. love what you did with the bookmark calendar download. there are lots more ideas in the gallery if you need some.

christie said...

You did a good job with this. I hope that you come back the Stamp Shack and become part of our fun group! It's a fun site with tons of ideas and lots of really nice helpful people. Love your blog!