Friday, December 21, 2007

taking a big risk

Well, God is good.
I have been pretty darned stressed about leaving town before or right after my catalogs come in. I have also been wanting to practice on my cutting/binding skills before taking on the SU! catty.
Good news, Carolyn let me practice on her Arbonne catalogs, I ruined about 6, then got things figured out. Now I am a pro ;) (and a big thanks to Kayla's hubby for taking the kink out of the cutter)
And Brown just dropped off my 7 cases of catalogs.
That is right ladies, your books are here!
I have only bound three so far, have about 30 more to go.
I do have lots of other things I have to wrap up first, I know you understand. Otherwise I would just do it all right now.
However, if you'd like to come by, you can visit with me while I bind it for you. It is pretty quick. In fact I could have it bound before you write out your check! ;)
Donna and Ann have paid for their catalogs, but I didn't take $ from anyone else.
I have about 32 spoken for at the presale price ($5 or $10 for bound).
If you didn't reserve a copy, but would like to get one, let me know ($7 or $12 bound).
I would be thrilled for you to have one! :)
See you soon!

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