Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Getting Ready!

Thank you to all who attended the Stamp a Stack. We had fun, and now know the max capacity of my stamp room ;)!
I would appreciate feedback for future SAS.
Should I offer them more often? Or offer the same SAS on two nights? I hate to limit attendance. Let me know what you think.
Moving on......
Gift Galore class is coming soon! I have one more idea that I don't have supplies for, that you will flip over!
I am going to be rounding up more items if needed, but I need to know what you plan to make.
I have Nancy, Kris, Sharla, Patricia, and Dana officially signed up for the class. I assume others are thinking about it, but need to get through thanksgiving first. Please know that some items have to be ordered and hunted, and I want to accommodate. So as soon as you have time, let me know the amount and item you'd be interested in making so I can make sure to have ample supply for you if possible.
Thanks and have a blessed day. My husband's family are here, and I am ready to relax and enjoy some family time this week. I have much to be thankful for, I am blessed! Enjoy your week! I like to tell brides that their wedding day will be the best day of their lives, even if everything goes wrong! So, I would like to offer, we can make this holiday a best day, even if it all goes wrong, when something happens that we don't anticipate or even want to happen, relax, laugh, make the best of it! easier said I know.... just a thought.
Gobble Gobble

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