Tuesday, November 13, 2007

another calendar

I had a fabulous weekend! Spent most of it in my room! I got some new things made! Because I don't have enough for us to do! ;)

The boys were home from school yesterday, that was fun. They were too sick to go, but too well to stay! poor little boys. I got to take Krista to Nokia to see the live So You Think You Can Dance. Don't worry, it wasn't a conversion, like when we went to see Clay for my first time. But it was lots of fun, those people are serious athletes!

There are so many fun ways to make a cute calendar! I took the calendars from Stamp On This! and put them on a coaster from Stamp on This! and stuck them in a jumbo clip from the office supply place, and added some Stampin' Up! paper and ribbon and wow! how cute!
well, it won't let me upload the picture right now, but look back soon for a photo!

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