Thursday, November 15, 2007

great deal!

I got the orders in for the card kits last night. I will start cutting them soon. and getting them to you. I recieved an extra package of the primary colors scrappin' kit. I thought I would take the time to tell you about this great deal. For $19.95 (plus ship and tax) you will get.... 2 each of 4 colors of textured 12 X 12 paper, 3 each of two designs of double sided 12 X 12 papers, and 2 each of 3 designs of self adhesive borders and tags and all kinds of cool goodness!
So many possibilities!
I called them and I will need to send this pack back, unless someone wants to buy it, then I just have to send them money!
So, if anyone would like this scrap kit, primary colors, you can have it for $20! ($3.76 savings!)
Just email me!
thanks! I will hang onto it until end of next week.
have a blessed day!

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