Friday, May 16, 2008

who really needs sleep anyway?

I have often felt sleep was overrated. I love naps, but sleeping all night! who has the time?
Thursday nights are fun here, there are only a handful of shows I must watch, and of course two come on at the same time! So I watch one and tape the other to watch with scott when the kids are asleep. Good plan, right? It normally works nice. Last night, I had promised to finish reading Jonathan's library book to him. Mrs. Hair very sweetly allowed him to check out a book from the 4th grade level for fun. Jonathan can read it, but it enjoys it more when I read it to him, because it is faster. Well, I had 8 chapters to read after Grey's! Needless to say, Jonathan fell asleep before the end. so sad. But Jeremiah did not! no surprise there. Then I went to my room and finished cutting out card stock for my upcoming events. Mom had helped me earlier, so there wasn't a lot left, but enough to keep me busy until after midnight. So, a normal person would go to bed, right? Well, you all know by now, I am not normal!!! So I stayed up and watched CSI. WOW! I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but WOW! reminds me of ER, just don't ask to leave a series! Not one that made you famous at least. I may regret that choice at some point today, wishing I had slept a little more. One day, I will learn, but don't hold your breath.
Anyway, I am blogging early, I have lots to do to day, and Jonathan's field day at school on top of that! So here it is. Hope it doesn't make us late for school.
This is the scrap page for this month. I wanted to use the precut flowers, they are so cool. They come in these four colors, but red and pumpkin are what I had the most of for club. I also used the print paper from the hostess benefits as borders, and thanks to Nicole adding matching brads. So cool! The chipboard is colored with regular ink, had to use it bc of the special!!! And I used the enjoy every moment stamp set. I thought this would make a great mother's day page. I am tempted to stamp Mother's Day 08 on the opposite page, on the DP and the journal spot. But that is much later on the list! I would have stamped enjoy higher up if I had foreseen making that tag, so I could place it lower, but I stamped under it, and it is covering up my crooked stamping. Colors: old olive, bashful blue, real red, and pumpkin pie.
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
We have birthday party, and a CROP, and Senior recognition... it goes on and on... signs of summer!


Amiene Rev said...

When I feel bore, I'm going to sleep, so I can see the world from very different perspective.

texaskris said...

Maybe that is my problem, I rarely get bored. I would love to be bored. hmmm wonder what that is like.