Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the good 'ol summer time

I am getting close to being out of Linda projects to post. :(
This is a cute idea, score in different places and make a pocket!!! Genius. I love how she scored the flower petals and added the button, and the picture cuts it off, but the back of the flap has a greeting as well. so fun. great summer colors.

On another note, I have a BIG annoucement! I have been asked to be a recurring guest blogger on the Scrapping for Inclusion blog. I will do every Thursday starting this week! There will be someone for everyday of the week, covering different topics. I think there are 4 of us that are on the scrap book/stamp side of things, and then the lady who runs the S4I and Diane Bubel herself, the co-founder of The Bubel Aiken Foundation. pretty cool, huh?
Here is the link http://www.scrapping4inclusion.blogspot.com/ bookmark it, and check in for different ideas and info.
Hope you are ready for Summer, bc it is coming, ready or not!!!
I have a sick one again today, sweet Jeremiah has whatever Jonathan had last week. He is so funny when he is sick. He is funny anyway, but over the top with fever!

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