Thursday, May 1, 2008

mom and me fun

We had a ton of fun at the mom and me night!
Sorry I didn't get a picture of everyone. you can see the slide show below.
10 moms, 11 daughters, and 1 son
it was a crowded house, but lots of good times.
I had several ask about a summer event, so watch for it.
I also had a few ask about birthday parties for kids, I am willing, just let me know when and we can make a fun and memorable time, without breaking the bank! I also know two ladies who can make wonderful cakes and treats!


Emily said...

sorry that we missed it. I would love to bring Kathryn to a get together this summer. Keep me posted.

texaskris said...

Thanks Emily! I will get something planned.... so look out! ;)
Good luck with your scrap book.