Tuesday, May 6, 2008

dad's day

I JUST LOVE this, I know it is a bit early to discuss dad's day and all, but I found this on a blog (wish I could remember whose) and fell absolutely in love with it. Lindsey made a wallet at retreat once that was super cute, it held photos. This will hold money and gift cards, or whatever!

My dad would have loved it. But this will be cute for Scott's dad. I will need to think of something fun to put into it though. He is so hard to buy for, because he is such a giver, and he gets what he needs when he needs it. But there is normally some something we can find.
I guess if you don't have need of a father's day card, you could turn it into a birthday card.
I hope to make this at stamp club this month, but I am not positive yet.
You are welcome to attend and make one even if you aren't in the club!!! Laci and Kristin would love to have you. I was thinking I might even crumple it and smooth it back out for a more worn look... never can tell with me! Hope you can stay dry today.
If I have time I hope to research us some graduation ideas, some new ones. It is that time of year.
Oh, and Clay's new CD is out today. Krista and I are going to get it at lunch, you get an extra track at wal mart, or itunes. So, if you have an extra $12 you don't need for gas or stamps... get you one, help a fella out. I have to say that I am not totally excited about it. But I hope to be. I saw a picture of Clay in a BU hoodie that Krista sent me, and that was exciting for some odd reason. But I just need him to make some music that shows how really great he is, and for some reason, it never happens, you just have to see him live! speaking of live, I am way more excited about taking Jonathan to see the Jonas Brothers this summer! That is something I am already giddy about! BU hoodie or not! ;)

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