Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gifts for a Friend

Scott has a good friend, that he has hunted with for several years (but not currently, if you know of a place he can hunt!) and Scott also became good friends with his son, who is the same age as some of our youth that are just getting out of college. Anyway, Brad is getting married this summer to a sweet young lady who also hunts. Their shower is this weekend, and I being the resourceful wife that I am, made the shower gift. I looked at her registry and went with the colors of her kitchen selections sans the black. Something about brides and black don't work for me. I LOVE to make the name frames for wedding gifts, it is just so personal and sweet. Next I made the napkin rings with "Mr. & Mrs." in the center. And lastly I made her some thank you cards. Every girl needs a ton of thank yous in my world! It isn't anything Earth shattering, but it was fun to make, and hopefully they will enjoy it all. This little gift making project made me realize how badly I need a good wedding set. Once the retired list is posted, I will pick me out one!
Have a GREAT Thursday, I am off to blog on my other blog! :)

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