Monday, May 12, 2008

tart and tangy

Well, I got this tart and tangy set Friday, and left for Mexia! But last night before we came home, I was able to whip these little cuties together! I am thinking we might have to each make one at the tart and tangy class. what a quick little gift for someone you would like to thank, or pick me up.

It was such a fun weekend! We priced and organized stuff from mom's garage that most of it hadn't been out of her garage since she moved to that house 16 years ago! It was interesting. PLEASE, for your kids, don't hang onto stuff you don't NEED! Anyway, Scott, Mom and I worked until 11:00 when my sister came in from Houston. She brought so much food, it took an hour to unload it all! It was nice though not to have to mess with fixing anything. So we got in bed at midnight, and woke up at 4 am! to finish pricing and placing, you honestly can not believe the amount of stuff there was. I wish we had taken a picture of it all. At 7 am people started coming to buy, it surprised me that they waited until 7, here if you say 7, they come at 6. It was also surprising that not more than 3 people tried to haggle on prices. Of course mom only had about 3 main prices for things. 10 cents, 3 dollars, or 5 dollars. She cracked me up. We sold about 90% of the mess! It was wonderful. We had a steady stream of folks right up until 1pm. It only took until 2 to get it all back in the garage or on the curb! Phase two will begin anytime now I am sure. Then we got to celebrate birthdays and mother's day. I had a GREAT birthday, thanks to all who called and sent, left, or had me pick up my gifts! ;) you guys are great.
I wish that I had taken a picture of what Linda Fowler made me before we ate it! A cookie bouquet. It was so cute and tasty! That woman can do anything. And if you ever have a garage sale, Scott is handy to have around, thanks for working so hard! You are the greatest, except when you follow me around with a chair.
Hope you all have a fabulous Monday! It is FINALLY Teacher Appreciation week at Spring Valley, and I can't wait to get up there and get it going.

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