Sunday, June 15, 2008

what a great day

This day was a GREAT day. The only thing that would have made it better, would be a big fat nap. ;)
Since I can remember, which isn't long (my memory isn't that great) we have been in Houston for Father's day. It is one of the rare occasions that Scott would take off work for. His mom's birthday is roughly a week before Father's day, so we celebrate it all. We happened to go to Houston the weekend prior for various reasons, and ended up celebrating Father's day just the four of us here in Waco.
Jonathan had received a free kids meal card for Outback Steakhouse for being on the straight A honor roll at school, and what dad wouldn't want to eat at Outback? I have heard that Outback has a gluten free menu, and since Jonathan has REALLY missed going out to eat, I thought I would give it a try. After asking Scott if he'd like to go, I called and asked if we could make a reservation, and the person on the phone was very helpful and polite. So before Sunday School, I had secured us a time for lunch. Way to plan ahead!
I do need to back up a bit at this point. Wednesday night, at another church's Vacation Bible School, Jonathan became a Christian. He told me that he was in class, and really felt like he needed to go to the bathroom, but when he got there, that wasn't it, so he knelt down and asked Jesus into his heart, there in the bathroom. (that is so Jonathan, I just can't tell you) So, this Father's Day, Jonathan joined the church and plans to be baptized. Pretty cool. That is enough to make it a great day.
So next we go to our lunch at Outback to celebrate our Father's day. There were people everywhere and I heard the hostesses tell them that it would be 45 minutes or so wait time. Within 3 minutes, our light went off and we were being seated. I asked for a gluten free menu, and the server brought me one, I got to keep it too! There are lots of items that have been modified, but no special breads. When they brought the warm bread loaves and butter to the table, I saw the look in Jonathan's eyes, and my heart broke. So I asked the server to remove it, and he did without question or thought. Scott and Jeremiah weren't thrilled with this idea, but they adapted well. The server was knowledgeable and very helpful. Jonathan was so happy to have a "normal" dining out experience. IT was yummy for all and not a big ordeal. The best part is that the chocolate thunder from down under is GF. So Jonathan got to have a brownie sundae dessert!
It is funny how much I took going out to eat for granted. How much I relied on being able to just go and grab something. We don't eat out much at all, bc we can't now. I get exhausted coming up with ideas and meals that we can all have. This has been on of the biggest challenges for me, and to go out and eat today and everyone enjoy it and leave happy was such a wonderful blessing!
Now my boys are near meltdown bc I haven't fixed supper yet, I am still so full, but their bodies need refueling, and it is about to get ugly.
I just have to say how blessed I feel.
I know Outback is expensive, but those people deserve high praise. First to give out free kid's meals to our school, second to have GF options, and third for their outstanding service!
Thanks for letting me share!

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