Sunday, June 1, 2008

Church at the lake

We had a GREAT time at the lake today.
Our pastor really has a heart for our community and he wanted to worship at the lake, invite those who were already there, and have a big lunch and fellowship. It was perfect weather and the service was great. I did see lots of extras at lunch. Fun was had by all, I believe.
I love this song, and thought I would video it. It wasn't as jamming as it normally is on Sunday mornings, but we had lots of distractions and despite their best efforts, the video projector with the words wasn't as bright as it could have been, so not everyone knew the words. You can't see her, but our very own extremely talented card making machine, Susan, is playing the keyboard. Her hubby is the tall dark haired guy in the back too! (don't forget to turn the music off from the player before you press play)

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