Monday, June 30, 2008

Get ready with Christmas in July

Last year I had a night where you can come and make Christmas gifts. It was a lot of fun and we made some cute cute stuff.
This year, I thought I would offer a time in July, give you an early start at it. I know it is hard to think about Christmas gifts when it is 200+ degrees outside. But it will come, and you know as well as I do, it gets here long before we are prepared for it. So, I thought I would give us all a head start. Here are the items I have for you to come and make for Christmas gifts. I have plenty of some, limited supply of others. So come early and claim your items!!! I will try to get a slide show with prices up later.
Mom has called me four times to please come to her house and help entertain, so it looks like my week is hers. This will more than likely be it for the week. Call my cell if you need me! ;)


Jon Juane said...

hi there!! i was just surfing along and stumbled onto your page! you're very gifted! you make really nice stuff!! i make lots of greeting cards too. but this christmas in july thing is brilliant. where did you buy your supplies? a local art store?

texaskris said...

Hi Jon! Thanks so much.
Well, here is the scoop, I had planned on having a "project club" and it kinda flaked out, so I have all these fun gift items to make, and I wanted to recoup my costs... plus I have a friend from out of town who wanted to make some stuff, and another friend suggested I offer it earlier this year.
This is a long list, are you ready?
Stamp On This, her link in in my blogroll, has tons of cute things to stamp on, JoAnne's dot com has great items, Ikea was another great resource. I pretty much look for something I can recreate everywhere I am. Also, splitcoast stampers (also a link from my blogroll) has lots of great ideas, and often they start the search for me. I go tot he not a card section.
Hope that helps. If you want to know where something specific comes from, let me know.

Susan said...

Hey, Kris!
This looks like fun. Not sure what all I would like to make, but I definitely want to make all my young ladies a dvd case/note holder....thingy. Anyway, sign me up and would you shoot me an email reminder!
Love you!

Krista said...

OMG ! These gifts are awesome ! Where did you get the stuff (tins, little books, etc.)?
Is it availeble in webshops since I live in The Netherlands.

texaskris said...

Krista, thanks.
I got my stuff from all over the place. Stamponthis has great stuff, Ikea, JoAnn'sdotcom, the books are from Stampin' Up!
I knew some of the projects I wanted to do, and so I searched online for places to get the best prices at, and some of the stuff I just happened on.
Sorry I am not more help.