Tuesday, June 17, 2008

two for one

I wish that I was talking about a deal I was going to offer you with the TWO FOR ONE. Sorry. I am talking about posts, you will get two blogs in one today. :) Still a deal.

first, I want to show you the items of the week, you have seen these before, but sometimes it helps to refresh your memory.

First is the Kids Kraft Kamp, Thursday at 6pm you and your child can come and make a fun memory book. I have the cost at $10, but I think $7 is going to be the deal, so $7 per book. And we can "boy it up" if you'd like to bring your son. I only have six books, one of which is spoken for, so sign up FAST!

Then on Friday at 7pm will be the open top tin class, that cost is $8, and $5 if you order. Dana is going to be the hostess, so you know you don't want to miss it. These tins are so fun. I have heard time and again how you can't find them anywhere for less than $6. And it is true, I got lucky and found a great deal, and bought bulk. You can come and decorate it with my supplies and papers, and fill it with recipe cards, which i have the stamp set, or make it for another purpose, here are some samples. The possibilities are endless! I only have 15 tins left! sign up quick, before they are all gone.

Now, what you have all been waiting for....
The 2008-2009 In Colors..... drum roll please!
I have these from Linda Fowler, I think someone on splitcoast shared them after the Stampin' Up! cruise. I wanted to wait until I knew it was official to show them, and it is... so not great pics, but you will at least get to see the colors. I hope you love them. I know change is hard, but embrace it. You always learn to love the new colors, i know I do.

And a note about incentive trips through SU! (the cruise). I did qualify this year, well, almost. I had the sales, but not recruits. I need three recruits by June 30th to get a trip for two to Hawaii, and one of my downline would have to promote as well. Which Lindsey is really close. It is nice to know I was that close. I am ok with that. Scott wasn't thrilled about Hawaii anyway, if it had been hunting or skiing, he might have been more excited. There is always next year, right?

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