Thursday, October 11, 2007

This isn't like me

So do you ever have things that you really need to be doing, but just can't do them?

That would be the story of my life. I have too many things going in my head, to settle down and wash those dishes. I guess I still am part little girl!

Also, I am not a big Halloween fan, I didn't mind it when working at the nursing home, in fact, we had lots of fun with it. But having children, it just wasn't something I wanted to encourage.

So much for that!

Being "room mom" makes you do crazy things. Seriously crazy things.

I will be up at the school tomorrow to help sort class shirts for the school, and then I get to sell ice cream at lunch time. Since I would be at the school anyway, thought I would take a seasonal treat for the teacher's desk. Don't know if she will be able to give them to the kids or not, but it will be cute in her room. Surely she will be able to sneak them to the kids. She is a bit of a rebel, like me. ;)

I thought these turned out cute, and were lots of fun. Plus I got to watch "Grey's" while doing them!

Next class room project? Pencils with tags.... fun times!

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Carolyn said...

too cute! That is a great gift idea!