Thursday, October 25, 2007

a good way to spend $30!

I am not one to advocate over spending. I mean really, with gas at $3 a gallon and milk at $4, I am all for a bargain.
I don't really know what possessed me to even buy these scissors. I did, and I am happy about it! At first there is some level of guilt with spending $30 on scissors, I could have gotten two pairs of tennis shoes for the boys with that. Among other things. But these are some serious scissors. I had pretty much figured I wouldn't be impressed, I mean think about what they would have to do to validate their price! But the first time I used them.... I was overcome with JOY! Yes friends, these scissors make me happy. they cut clean and easy. I have bought three pairs of paper snips, at $10 each, which I love them, but these have become my favorite! If you want to try them out, come on over! If you want to buy some, mention seeing them here, and I will give you 15% off! That is how much I love them!

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