Monday, April 7, 2008

what to do with this tin

This is a very cute band aid tin, with a handle. I love them! easy to do, and cute cute cute! I love the way the chip board star and star punches fit perfect on it!
Mom and I were trying to come up with different things you could put in it... what do you think would be a good thing to put inside?
let me know!
We will be making this soon!

some ideas are, small paper pad and crayons, marbles, birthday party favors, sew repair kit, mini first aid, coupons, cigarettes (if it were the 1950's and we didn't know better!), or gift cards. But I want to hear from you!!!!

Well, as you all know, I love Mr. Clay Aiken, and his new album is coming out May 6th, just in time for my birthday! Anyway, the new single is here
if you'd like to hear it, it starts slow, but stick with it, it picks up. I like it, but I think I have been listening to too much "younger" stuff to fully appreciate it! ;)

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