Sunday, April 6, 2008

back in action

Well, I am back! Kayla enjoyed teasing me about being disconnected with this century, and I think she was right!
But things are almost back to normal, with out too many casualties. I lost some emails I have been saving, things like recipes, retreat info, my ticketmaster tickets for the Jonas Brothers concert in July... just a few minor things...
Anyways, I am online and back in action! So I will send out a new newsletter, once I have time to compose a proper one. I remember telling someone that I would do something tomorrow, but I really don't know who or what, so if it was you, PLEASE REMIND ME!!! I am going to say that it had to be in one of my lost emails, sounds good, right!?!?!?
Anyways, I showed mom my mother's day card, and she being my biggest fan of all time, was not impressed. So, desiring to impress HER, I changed the colors only, and we have a winner! Thank You DANA for sending the spirals, you are the best!
Hope you have a fantastic week! I am still waiting for someone to enter my contest!!!! Deadline is tomorrow at midnight, I will pick a winner first thing Tuesday!

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