Thursday, April 10, 2008


You have seen the cute little calendars that Linda F and Melody love to make... well last year I made one for everyone on staff at Spring Valley. I did it August 2007 thru May 2008. Well, Teacher Appreciation week is coming in May (we honor all the staff) and several have asked, even begged (others offered to pay) for refills for the next school year. So my wonderful and faithful ladies and I are making new sets. I printed, Alecia photo copied, then I cut out, and now Alecia, Carol Ann, and I are each making three months, here are my three, I will post the others when they finish them. I need to find a way to tie them together to present them to the staff next month! 65 sets! I may sponge the sides for some extra color.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Wachsmann Family said...

Very nice! Do you print the calendar blocks from a website or make them and print it out?

Hey, if you change your profile to where you have to verify the word before you post you can cut down on those silly messages like the above one that says please check/see here.

texaskris said...

thanks CW, I got it changed. I have started to get more of those lately.

I got the calendars from Cori, and Linda is trying to get 2010 from her already. But they are an adobe document, and I just printed them out. if you need the attachment, I can send it to you. I have 2008 and 2009.