Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School

Wow! What a great week!
So much to be thankful for.
Mom's house is SOLD! Well, there are people who made an offer, and she accepted. The rest is yet to come. O, by the way, big estate sale in Mexia! ;)
My boys go back to school tomorrow! YAY! Many people think I will be sad to send my little Jeremiah off to kindergarten, to which I say, DO YOU KNOW HIM? He is a sweet and dear child, but he needs to be in school. He needs to learn, and explore, be fed. Jonathan however needs to be with people. So school is a good thing. And Jeremiah has already figured out the best part, at 3:30 we will all be happy to be together! So, that will be my goal, getting everything done before they get out, so that when they are out I can focus on them. Wouldn't that be nice? I think so.
Well, we are blessed enough to have gotten the two teachers we really wanted! Jeremiah will be in Mrs. Humphrey's class, bless her soul. And Jonathan has Mrs. Prittchet. So I made a little something to start the year off. Mom thinks I will need to make JT's teacher something every week! These are the little books, and I put chipboard letters on the front, and lots of ribbon. I love the new in color ribbon, it ties so pretty. I used the mark the date stamp set to make a calendar page for each month, September through June. There isn't much room to write on the calendar, but it will serve as a reference and there are two blank pages per month. I stamped those pages with images from the Eastern Blossoms set. I had a ton of fun making these books. I hope the ladies enjoy them. I really hope that the ladies enjoy my boys.
Well, I am off and running, lots to do today, the day before school starts back! I am also taking Krista to Dallas to see the AI concert. So in the morning when you see me dragging down the hall at Spring Valley, it is my own fault! But at least I will be in Texas. The first day of Jonathan's kindergarten I was in Indy seeing Clay Aiken!
Have a happy back to school week!

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