Monday, January 19, 2009

while the cats away....

I have to say that I have enjoyed my little blog vacation. but it is time to return! I am just as happy to be back. hope you enjoy the little things I bring.

Scott and the boys went to Houston for his dad's birthday, and I was to sick to go too. So I stayed home, and when I started to feel some better, got pretty productive.

I got this as a hostess reward, level 2, and never did anything with it. So I thought I would put it up! fun times!
This is it from across the room....

I love it. You should come over and see it in person. I was worried that it wouldn't work on textured walls, but it did just fine!

I am in search of a really cute valentine project, and will let you know should I find one.
I will also be posting the projects for our water coloring class coming soon.

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