Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I could use

I could use a little stamp therapy too!
Kristin Jack left a comment under my deer card I think, it has a link to her blog, go and check it out, she made the cutest candles using the halloween rub ons. too cute!
So today is one of those days that is the reality of my "the PTA owns me" statement. Which for the record, I am fine with. I love everything I do. Just this week is another BIGGY PTA week.
So I am sorry for the absence of stamping on the blog today, and more than likely tomorrow as well, since it will be another PTA day.
But I had to drop by and share a funny Jeremiah story. Because I know you all love those so much, and Scott said I HAD to. ;)
Tonight, as Jonathan was reading his homework about Bats, I was quizing him to make sure he was understanding what he was reading. I was totally impressed that Jonathan without any help from me was able to read the word "echolocation". The book said that bats hibernate, so I asked, "now what is hibernate again?" To which JEREMIAH replied, that is when animals go into a deep sleep, and their heart rates drop and they have to eat a whole lot before to store energy until they wake up. Hey mom, you could sleep all winter and in spring, you could wake up and be skinny!" This made Jonathan very excited, and he encouraged me to do just that. To which Jeremiah reminded me that I was in fact not a bat!


Wachsmann Family said...

Too funny! They do say the cutest things! Don't work too hard at PTA. :)

K Jack said...

Thanks, Kris!

SG said...

:) That boy makes me smile, as does his Mama!