Wednesday, September 3, 2008

visiting the past

Wow! What a weekend!
I am so very thankful that mom sold her house, I really am, but geesh
I think this process may take the life right out of me!
We have packed up things for 4 straight days, and I am wore completely out!
So please forgive me for not being on top of Stampin' things for a while, once we have this behind us, I can go back to biz as usual. But until then, I will be scarce. Please call me or email me if you need anything! I will be back! I promise!
It was fun to see things I hadn't seen in years, or ever even. We had lots of laughs, and lots of tears as we packed away her life, and put a lot of it on the curb. So, in keeping with the treasures from the past, I will share this card with you today.
I made it for a mops get together last year. I love it. It is simple and pretty. I love the colors, I know the blue is no longer around, but I think there are other blues that would sub in nicely!
have a great day.

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Anonymous said...

The card is very nice, Kris. I might take it as inspiration for the thank you cards I mentioned that I'd be making! Gabby :)