Sunday, October 23, 2011

book review for blooging fo books

A Sound Among the Trees takes places over several time periods. It involves people of several different generations as well.
Marielle reminded me of Ruth with her, I will go where you go and your people will be my people attitude towards her new husband and his grandmother in law and her house. Marielle's choices are not easy, but her character makes them believable and admirable.
Adelaide, or "Mimi", is a feisty self titled old blue haired lady. I enjoyed her spunk and evolving through out the book. I guess you really are never too old to learn.
Caroline, to me, brought it all together, and made sense of a strange family dynamic.
I felt like Carson's character was pretty weak, and almost pointless to the story. I would have like for his role to have more significance, other than providing the odd family set up.
Susannah is my favorite character, and I loved reading her letters. It was a great insight into what life during the civil war must have been like for civilians. It was also a great time look into life during that era.
I would highly recommend this book for a fun and light history lesson.

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