Thursday, February 12, 2009

Silly boys

In Kindergarten, the classes exchange Valentines, and part of the point is to be able to identify names. So Jeremiah had to make a box to collect his in, and he didn't want it pink or to have hearts. silly child. So he asked for will be the oddest Valentine box in the history of the world, but he will be happy!
It has been a long week here.
Scott's dad is still not out of the woods, but seems to be improving some. we were glad Scott came home for a few days to see us. We will miss him, but know that is where his heart is and needs to be. Pray for Scott's dad to feel well, and the doctors to know how to treat whatever it is that is wrong, and for his mom, and sister, as well as him to have peace and comfort and strength. thanks

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