Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am going batty!

Well Jonathan's grade at Spring Valley has had a big unit on bats, and I looked and looked for a bat to make for halloween, and of course couldn't. I found this a few days ago, isn't it too cute? I love this guy. I am going to make book marks for his class, just for kicks, because I can...he he he


Holly said...

Hey Kris! It's Holly, Jay Trout's sister... I saw Emily's organizer book and I NEED ONE!!!!!!! I love it!!! If you are up for making one soon, Elizabeth is coming at Thanksgiving, I could get it from her, If I mail you a check or whatever :) I love it!!! I like red and pink, anything with either one of those colors. Emily's is adorable. So let me know when you want to do it, I understand you might be really busy right now. Let me know :) hwoodruff@gmail.com

Holly said...

Oh, and I really need it to finish out the year, plus next year :)